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Fantasy chat: Worth dealing Trout for package? fantasy guru Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat at @Fantasy411 on Tuesday. Check out the chat transcript below and check out the @Fantasy411 Twitter handle and's fantasy home. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@AAkeZZ: Should I trade my Mike Trout for his Jose Abreu, Matt Harvey and Wil Myers?

Fred Zinkie: Yes. As great as Trout is, that package is too good to ignore.

@cameronslyons: Rest of season, 14-team keeper league: Aaron Sanchez, Mike Fiers, Kevin Gausman or Drew Smyly?

Zinkie: If competing to win this year, go with Sanchez, who nicely blends production and potential.

@sa_wick: Rank for keeper-league purposes over the next two to three years: Carlos Correa, George Springer, Manny Machado, Christian Yelich and Jason Heyward.

Zinkie: Springer, Correa, Heyward, Machado, Yelich.

@MastaSpletta: With Myers coming back from the disabled list, should I drop Steven Souza Jr. to make room for him?

Zinkie: You can't drop Souza. Nice power-speed combination. Look to make a 2-for-1 trade to clear roster room.

@Rafcalf: In a 12-team keeper league, should I drop Yelich for Cameron Maybin? Yelich and Kole Calhoun are used in my utility spot.

Zinkie: To drop Yelich, it would have to be for someone better than Maybin. Yelich still has potential to get on track.

@JethyEthy23: How does a Jordan Zimmermann-for-Jose Altuve trade sound?

Zinkie: It sounds like the Altuve side is winning the trade by a wide margin. I would want a Max Scherzer-like return.

@ryan_kantor: Is Machado any better than Charlie Blackmon? I offered Blackmon for him and he wants a closer, too.

Zinkie: Blackmon should be more than enough to get Machado. Nice five-category contributor.

@Atlbravos16: Should I start Correa this week?

Zinkie: Without knowing your alternatives, the answer is likely yes. His potential is tremendous.

Video: Must C Crushed: Correa belts first career home run

@chrisolson32: Could you rank the following three pitchers: Brett Anderson, Mike Foltynewicz and Vincent Velasquez.

Zinkie: I would go Foltynewicz, Velasquez, Anderson. Nothing wrong with Anderson, but I would chase the youngsters' upside.

@PG3Phil: Is Peter O'Brien worth a grab now? A catcher-eligible player with his bat could prove valuable.

Zinkie: Because the D-backs are deep in the outfield, I'm not optimistic about his 2015 mixed-league value.

@IanBaker06: I gave up Bryce Harper for Chris Sale, Carlos Martinez and Josh Reddick. I really needed pitching and have an excess of outfielders. Was this a mistake?

Zinkie: It may have been better to get Sale and one good hitter. But your trade isn't terrible. Look forward, not back!

Video: [email protected]: Sale fans Altuve for his 14th strikeout

@joeyknecht: Should I start Correa or Starlin Castro at shortstop?

Zinkie: Start Correa. Castro is solid, but Correa's potential is exciting.

@BFelkowski: I need a second baseman. Should I add Logan Forsythe, Wilmer Flores or Jace Peterson?

Zinkie: Flores. He offers power and has more potential than the other options.

@KyleReynolds30: I have Dustin Pedroia, Ian Desmond, Ian Kinsler and Correa for my three middle-infield slots. Who do you suggest I sit going forward?

Zinkie: They are too valuable to sit. Try to trade one for help at a position of need.

@brianle53115041: Please rank for the rest of the season: A.J. Burnett, Jose Quintana, Collin McHugh, Drew Hutchison and Clay Buchholz.

Zinkie: Burnett, Hutchison, Quintana, McHugh, Buchholz.

@charliefusar141: When would be a good time to try and scoop up Rafael Soriano? In a trade, what would he be worth?

Zinkie: Probably not worth much in a trade now. Could be added now in a National League-only league. But not in mixed.

@NHLQubes: What do you expect from Francisco Lindor when he gets called up by the Indians?

Zinkie: Don't expect an offensive difference-maker right away. I would much rather have Correa.

@tunavitale: Who is the better addition for saves -- Carson Smith or Kevin Jepsen?

Zinkie: I would rather have Smith, who may be closer to having an uncontested ninth-inning job.

Video: [email protected]: C. Smith closes it out, earns second save

@iankitcofff: Anthony Rizzo for Sale. Is that a good trade if I received Rizzo?

Zinkie: Yes it is. They have similar value, but it is easier to replace pitching via waivers.

@joshnewmantweet: Should I trade pitchers such as Jesse Chavez and Alfredo Simon while their stock is high? I have a surplus of pitching.

Zinkie: For sure. Try to trade two of them for one good hitting asset.

Fred Zinkie is the lead fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB.