Fantasy411 chat: Who can sub for Sanchez?

April 10th, 2017 fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (@fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@RokNRolla18: Should I drop for one of , or ?

Fred Zinkie: I think you should stick with Liriano. He should bounce back in his next start. If Liriano's next start is a poor one, then the time is right to drop him.

@real_wes_trunk: My team is really struggling. Should I drop multiple players?

Zinkie: You can make moves with your late-round picks. But you should give the core of your roster another week or two at the very least.

@amoralest1970: Should I grab or Mitch Haniger?

Zinkie: Go with Broxton. Even though he is dealing with an injury, he still has plenty of potential.

@SethGotStats: Should I pick up or ? Also, I have as my catcher -- any suggestions as to who to target now?

Zinkie: Pick up Finnegan. As for catcher, you can look for , , Matt Wieters or .

@LobertRock: How long should I wait out ?

Zinkie: You should give Buxton at least two more weeks. You'll regret it if you drop him too quickly and he has a great season.

@tahamufti1: Should I drop for one of , , C.J. Cron or ?

Zinkie: No, you should stick with Franco. His Opening Day gap between your other options gives him a long leash on your roster.

@Jaseifert: Should I drop and pick up for my second baseman?

Zinkie: You can make that move. The difference between Forsythe and Drury on Opening Day was not especially great.

@The_Reed_: Do you expect to stay hot?

Zinkie: I expect that Zimmerman will regress soon. He could be a serviceable option in 15-team leagues.

@nmach10: Should I drop ?

Zinkie: You should drop Shoemaker in 10-team leagues. Bench him in other mixed formats.

@mosjeffinitely: Please rank Mitch Haniger, , Steven Souza Jr. and .

Zinkie: Kiermaier, Margot, Haniger, Souza.

@QFranchise: Please help me pick a catcher to replace Sanchez out of , , Sandy Leon, and Evan Gattis.

Zinkie: Go with McCann. His role is secure and he should hit 20 homers this season.

@alexfarkas13: Is there enough upside in Chris Tillman to stash him in my DL slot?

Zinkie: Tillman should be on waivers in all leagues of 12 teams or shallower. Feel free to cut him if you need the slot for other injured players.

@wfromans: Do you prefer or Zimmerman?

Zinkie: Hosmer by a wide margin. Do not overrate one good week from Zimmerman.

@jfiresports: Should I cut Greg Bird for ? Also, should I buy low on any players right now?

Zinkie: Yes, you should make the switch from Bird to Pujols. is a decent buy-low option right now.

@DevinSchueller: What kind of trade value can I get out of Bautista?

Zinkie: Don't trade Bautista right now. His value is too low. Keep Bautista until he heats up.

@mrike718: Do you have any update on the Phillies' closer situation?

Zinkie: You will likely hear details later today. For now, stash on your bench.

@Six4Tre: Should I drop for Joey Gallo?

Zinkie: You should definitely not drop Fowler. He is a good fantasy asset, and Gallo could be back in the Minors in the coming days.

@DPosey39: Should I drop Vince Velasquez for ?

Zinkie: Yes, you can make that move. Nova should be owned in all leagues.

@zrobert: Would you drop , or for or ?

Zinkie: I would drop Reed for Devenski. I'm very excited about Devenski's skill set. Reed may not have much value after this week.

@YawkeyMVP108: Should I keep stashed on my bench?

Zinkie: Yes, you should definitely find space for Moncada. He could be a major asset by the beginning of June.

@nickb88: was dropped in my league. Should I drop for him?

Zinkie: You should definitely make that move. Even without saves, Betances has value.

@Tuftsa: Is Chris Owings for real?

Zinkie: He can hit for average and produce 20-30 steals. Anything over five homers would be great.

@theonlyshoeeeee: What are your expectations for Robbie Ray this year? Should he be owned in 12-team leagues?

Zinkie: I expect more than 200 whiffs, which means that he should be owned in a 12-team league.