Fantasy411: Post-Deadline moves to make

August 1st, 2017 fantasy expert Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@puredustt: Should I drop AJ Ramos for ?

Fred Zinkie: For sure. While Ramos should get saves for a couple weeks, Rosenthal has the potential to compile saves for the rest of the season.

@3keenan17: Please rank , and .

Zinkie: Rosario, Margot, Gomez.

@eDurak80: Who's Minnesota's closer moving forward?

Zinkie: There isn't a clear answer at this point, but is my pick.

@tjbenton14: Would you rather own or ?

Zinkie: I will take my chances with Doolittle. I believe he can hold off .

@kbatista15: Would you trade for ?

Zinkie: Definitely. Darvish could be very effective with the Dodgers.

@Summerville93: Do you prefer Doolittle or Brad Hand?

Zinkie: Hand is my pick. He could be a great closer for the rest of the season.

@juliantharmsen: Would you rather own or ?


Zinkie: I will take Fisher, who has more upside due to his supporting cast.

@DJBDynasty: Do you prefer or ?

Zinkie: I will take Cole. Stroman doesn't produce low ratios, and I worry about his run support down the stretch.

@mheaps31: Should I drop one of , , , or for Rosario in roto league?

Zinkie: You should definitely add Rosario. Story is the player I would drop.

@ds_1285: Would you rather own Rosario or for the rest of the season?

Zinkie: I'll take Rosario, but Devers should still be quite valuable.

@NotoriousBeefy: Brad Peacock is available in my league. Should I drop Dan Straily or Mike Clevinger for him?

Zinkie: Drop Clevinger for Peacock. Peacock should be owned in almost all leagues while is on the disabled list.

@tahamufti1: How would you prioritize these injured players in terms of the importance of stashing them on your DL: , , Matt Kemp?

Zinkie: Kemp, Desmond, Garcia. I'm fine with letting go of Garcia in most mixed leagues.

@420gobills: Is Jim Johnson out as the Braves' closer?

Zinkie: Not yet, but Johnson owners should stash right away.

@cameron_lit29: Can I drop for ? Also, can I drop ?

Zinkie: Definitely drop Frazier for Bregman, who hit .329 in July. Also, Price can be dropped in 10-team leagues.

@NAT_1776: Is it time to drop and ?

Zinkie: Both can be dropped in 10-team leagues.

@TU_1834: Which player should I keep in my DL slot out of , Trumbo, , Desmond and ?

Zinkie: You should keep Strasburg. I would also consider using a bench spot on Syndergaard.

@DN1CE23: seems to be playing less since returned to the roster. Should I drop him for or Derek Fisher?

Zinkie: You can drop him for Zimmer, who is emerging as a five-category contributor.

@stiggysmalls: Should I drop for Fisher?

Zinkie: While Fisher is set for an expanded role, he is not yet more valuable than Santana. Santana has been quite productive this year.

@MarkyMalz: Please share your thoughts on ?

Zinkie: We may not see Matz back in his peak form until 2018. You can drop him in a 10-team league. Bench him in deeper formats.

@azito23: Is Ramos still worth holding onto?

Zinkie: Yes, you might as well get a handful of saves from Ramos before returns.

@puredustt: Which two relievers should I use out of Kintzler, Ramos and Rosenthal?

Zinkie: Definitely use Rosenthal. Ramos is my second choice, but you may need a new option later this month.

@Sonny_Crockett6: Would you drop for Dominic Smith in a 16-team redraft league?

Zinkie: No. While owning Smith is exciting, you are better off with the stable production from Peralta in a deep league.