Fantasy411: Zinkie answers Week 6 questions

May 8th, 2017 fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@BigWienke: Should I drop and pick up ?

Fred Zinkie: Yes, you can make that switch. Conforto should be owned in virtually every league.

@GlennWarner13: Should I trade for ?

Zinkie: You should likely stay patient and stick with Martinez for now.

@GeorgeBrownSTL: Is still worthy of our patience?

Zinkie: I believe that Lucroy is worth your patience. He could be a top-3 catcher once he heats up.

@Locke_4: Should I trade for ? I'm looking to trade him for a star who is off to a slow start.

Zinkie: No, you shouldn't make that deal. Schwarber is not the caliber of player you're looking for. It would need to be a slow starter who went in the initial three rounds of your draft.

@alexfarkas13: Please rank , , , , Chris Owings and Bradley.

Zinkie: Desmond, Owings, Ellsbury, Bradley, Margot and Bautista.

@illkeeptrekkin: Who is the closer to own in Washington?

Zinkie: My guess is that no reliever on its current roster gets more than 10 saves the rest of the way. If I was to own one, it would be .

@BlakeEMeakin: Can I give up on ? Also, is for real?

Zinkie: My answer is "no" to both questions. CarGo should come around soon. Hicks can be used for a short time in deep leagues.

@StunningSteveK: Should I drop for Joey Gallo?

Zinkie: Keep Frazier. He hit 104 homers across 2014-16, and he has dealt with poor batted-ball luck this season.

@BQuick52: Which two pitchers should I add out of Chris Tillman, , Mike Leake and ?

Zinkie: Add Leake (pitching well) and Walker (most potential in that group).

@StvnSmth: Would you rather own: or ?

Zinkie: I will take Shaw. I believe his power is safer.

@Matt_The_Stud: Is it time to sell high on , or ?

Zinkie: My guess is that it's too early to sell high on Alonso and too late on Parra. The sell-high window is open on Garcia.

@TylerRose4: Would you rather own Alonso or ?

Zinkie: I will take Inciarte. I like his multidimensional skill set.

@STANLEY73: Should I pick up Chris Tillman?

Zinkie: Tillman should be added in 12-team leagues. He can stay on waivers in 10-team formats.

@aablack232: Which shortstop do you like better: Zack Cozart or ?

Zinkie: Definitely Andrus. He is a solid source of batting average and steals.

@KingLuke21: Should I drop , or is he going to turn his season around?

Zinkie: Yes, Wainwright can be dropped in most mixed leagues.

@Glolivelaughluv: Should I drop for one of Hicks, Ellsbury, , or ?

Zinkie: You can drop Polanco for Ellsbury, which will likely start a season-long chain of riding the hot hand.

@EzPolizzi_21: Would you rather own Aaron Altherr or ?

Zinkie: I'll take Altherr. I believe he has better skills than Taylor.

@Jlch2185: Please rank , Robbie Ray, , and .

Zinkie: Ray, Urias, Rodriguez, Gray, Garrett.

@GJennings19: Should I trade for J.D. Martinez?

Zinkie: For sure. Martinez should soon be one of the most valuable fantasy hitters.

@MikeEvoX: Should I drop Zach Britton for Rich Hill?

Zinkie: You should definitely keep Britton. Try to cover his absence by trading for .

@luke4msu: Can I go ahead and drop Bautista?

Zinkie: I have run out of patience with Bautista. You can drop in 12-team and 10-team leagues.

@jwp1006: Should I trade for and ?

Zinkie: You should keep Kershaw. His value is so much higher than that of any other starter.

@enniscurtis: Is Hicks legit as a five-category stud?

Zinkie: I'm not yet sold on Hicks. You can use him for now, but don't expect him to help you all season.