Padres OF could be in flux as Deadline nears

24-year-old Reyes a potential trade chip for right return

July 30th, 2019

SAN DIEGO -- The Padres remain active on three fronts ahead of Wednesday's 1 p.m. PT Trade Deadline:

  1. They're open to adding a front-line starter.
  2. They're weighing suitors for closer .
  3. They're looking to move an outfielder.

On the pitching front, something needs to change for San Diego to make a deal, sources said. The Padres have set a high price tag on Yates, which hasn't been met. They're also uncomfortable with the similarly high price tags on several controllable starting pitchers.

In the outfield, however, it seems fair to expect movement Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. could be at the forefront.

The Padres are overloaded with long-term corner-outfield options, although Reyes and have clearly established themselves as the most reliable pieces there. Both are righty-hitting sluggers, as is , whose contract probably makes him difficult to move.

There are other holes to address on San Diego's roster, notably the young rotation and the lack of left-handed pop. If the Padres were to move an outfielder, they feel as though they'd be dealing from a position of strength to address a weakness or two.

But Reyes wouldn't come cheap. He's one of the game's brightest young sluggers at just 24 years old. Entering play Tuesday, Reyes was hitting .253/.312/.535 with 27 homers.

The Tampa Bay Times reported the Rays are among the interested parties. It's unclear how many others might be involved. Renfroe and center fielder have also been rumored as trade chips over the past month.

Reyes won't be a free agent until after the 2024 season, which likely makes him the most appealing chip. Renfroe is 27 with one fewer year of control. Margot is also 24, but he's slated for free agency after ‘22.

The Padres seem comfortable hanging onto all three, if they can't find a suitor. But even then, it seems likely they deal an outfielder during the offseason.

Either Renfroe or Reyes would net the biggest return, without significantly weakening San Diego's outfield situation. It would leave the Padres with one right-handed-hitting slugger in an outfield corner and one open spot -- where Myers, rookie and potentially a healthy could vie for playing time.