Bochy hospitalized, expected back today

August 8th, 2016

MIAMI -- Giants manager Bruce Bochy was admitted to the University of Miami Hospital after falling ill and missed the club's series opener against the Marlins on Monday night.
Bochy is "resting comfortably and is expected to return tomorrow," the Giants said in a statement, though he will be held overnight.
Giants bench coach Ron Wotus, who took over managerial duties Monday, said he and Bochy texted each other around 11:30 a.m. ET while he was in the hospital, but only briefly about the lineup. Wotus didn't ask Bochy about his ailment and couldn't provide any specifics.
"He's just not feeling well and he's in the hospital for observations," Wotus said. "Obviously he'll be able to tell you himself tomorrow."
While Bochy's issue doesn't sound serious, it should be noted that the 61-year-old was also hospitalized last February after undergoing a heart procedure. Wotus couldn't clarify whether that this matter is heart related.
"It's the second time. Obviously he had that heart issue," Wotus said. "I don't want to bother him. He needs to get better and rest. I don't want to add anything to his situation. We just want him to feel better and get back here."
Wotus was optimistic he would see Bochy at Marlins Park on Tuesday.
"I expect to see him tomorrow. I have no reason to think otherwise," Wotus said.