Posey remains potent as defender

May 24th, 2017

CHICAGO -- Giants manager Bruce Bochy said catcher , the National League's reigning Gold Glove winner at his position, is just as good this season.

Bochy cited Posey's throwing during his pregame address Tuesday, one day after the four-time All-Star threw out Chicago's on an attempted steal of second base. Baez initially looked destined to pull in safely, having gotten a good jump. But Posey's flat, hard throw retired Baez without a fuss.

"If he's given a chance, I don't think there's anybody better in the game," Bochy said. "He's taken a lot of pride in it."

Posey has thrown out 36 percent (9-for-25) of attempted basestealers this season, essentially unchanged from last year's 37 percent (28-for-75).

Bochy said San Francisco's starting pitchers, who he believes have improved at holding runners on base, can continue to assist Posey with their attentiveness.

• Phil Nevin, the Giants' rookie third-base coach, drew praise from Bochy for his collaboration with baserunners.

"He has great game awareness -- when to be aggressive, when not to be. It's worked out well for him," Bochy said.

Bochy added that Nevin has kept the Giants alert: "Once you get on base, he's not going to give a sign until he gets their attention. He'll bark at 'em if they don't look at him."

Nevin replaced Roberto Kelly, who was not offered another job in the organization.