Phillies prospect makes unreal play behind the plate

July 10th, 2024

Just how did Guillermo Rosario catch that fouled-off pitch?

You can watch the video dozens of times and still not be sure. It seems like a glorious combination of luck, skill and reflexes.

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It happened in the first inning during the Rookie-level Florida Complex League Phillies' 2-1 victory over the FCL Blue Jays on July 4 at Carpenter Complex in Clearwater, Fla.

With right-hander Josbel Garcia on the mound, Enmanuel Bonilla -- the Blue Jays' No. 8 prospect -- fouled off a third strike. The ball hit Phillies catcher Guillermo Rosario on the inside of his left thigh. It sort of ricocheted between his legs and was caught bare-handed behind the 19-year-old Dominican native's leg within the blink of an eye.

That's our best guess, at least. We'll have to study it a couple more dozen times to be sure.

Lest we claim this kind of play never happens, a couple of years ago, Blue Jays Minor Leaguer Max McDowell shared video on social media of him smoothly making a similar grab (on a bounce, though) with less pinball action and just as razor-sharp reflexes.