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Hefner Raises Money for Tornado Victims

Between hosting the 2013 All-Star Game festivities and a Nas concert to kick off the second half, it’s been a busy week for the New York Mets organization.

It was a much different type of week for Mets right-hander Jeremy Hefner.

Hefner used the All-Star break to visit his hometown of Moore, OK, which was devastated by a tornado in May. It was his first trip home since the disaster.

Hefner and some teammates headed to Foley’s Pub and Restaurant in Manhattan Saturday night to continue raising money for tornado victims.

Foley’s had already teamed with Hefner after the tornado, adding the “Foley’s 405 Burger” to the menu (named after Moore, OK’s area code), with all proceeds going toward relief efforts.

So not only did Hefner get to raise money for a great cause, but he also got to bite into a juicy burger.

A great ending to a long week.