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Umpires overturn call after Francona's challenge

Aviles ruled safe at second after being called out on stolen base attempt vs. A's

OAKLAND -- Indians manager Terry Francona came out on top in his first instant-replay challenge of the season.

In the sixth inning of the second game of Wednesday's doubleheader between the Indians and A's, Mike Aviles attempted to steal second base. Aviles appeared to reach safely, but second-base umpire Gabe Morales called the Cleveland infielder out on the play.

Aviles immediately shifted to his feet to argue the call and Francona emerged from the dugout.

Francona challenged the call, which was quickly reviewed at the Replay Operations Center in New York. After only one minute and 19 seconds, the ruling on the field was overturned and Aviles was credited with a stolen base. On replays, it was clear that A's second baseman Nick Punto missed Aviles on the tag attempt.

Aviles knew immediately that he was not tagged on the play.

"Yeah, when I slid, I definitely didn't feel a tag," Aviles said. "In that situation, I was just letting [the umpire] know, 'Hey, I didn't get tagged.' He said 'OK.' And then I was hoping [Francona] would come out. I was going to do anything I could. Jump up and down or something. Wave him down and hopefully replay."

There has been one reviewed play in each of Cleveland's three games in Oakland this series.

While players, managers and umpires are getting used to the new instant-replay rules, Aviles said his stolen base was a perfect example of how the system is meant to work.

"That's exactly the whole point," Aviles said. "There's a lot going on. Umpires are human. They're going to make mistakes the same way we all make mistakes. It's a good thing we have replay to help out from time to time. In that situation, maybe he couldn't see the play or whatever the case may be. Fortunately, we had the replay to help out."

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