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Joe Maddon Keeps Clubhouse Loose

Joe Maddon and the Tampa Bay Rays like to keep a pretty loose team. With directives such as themed road trips, some would argue that the Rays are the one team in baseball that players would like to play for most. This weekend, Maddon may have raised the bar that much more.

Before Saturday's game against the Oakland Athletics, Maddon arranged for a DJ to spin a set in the team's clubhouse to lighten the mood.

Before this afternoon's game? A magician was brought in. That's right. A magician. Who wouldn't love this change of pace from the day to day grind of the baseball season?

What will they come up with next? A clown to make everyone balloon animals? An arts and crafts day? Regardless, it's great to see a manager that does everything to get his team to be loose and just focus on having fun on the field. It's much easier to do your job when you truly enjoy coming to work each day.