Jonny Gomes is ready to crush some 'tanks' for Home Run Derby X

July 8th, 2022

Jonny Gomes may have retired after winning his second World Series championship with the Kansas City Royals in 2015, but if you thought he was just going to sit on the couch and spend his retirement relaxing, well, you don't know Jonny Gomes.

Wearing a Party at Napoli's T-shirt left over from the 2013 World Series champion Red Sox team he was on, Gomes flexed for the MLB Network camera and revealed what he's been up to leading up to Saturday's inaugural FTX MLB Home Run Derby X.

"I was getting knocks with the Savannah Bananas, I was on top of the Green Monster catching grand slams and now I'm on a 10 1/2 hour flight over the water to go to London to hit some tanks," Gomes said. "I have no other option but to stay in shape."

Gomes, representing the Red Sox, is one of the four MLB Legends suiting up for the event, which will also feature Nick Swisher (Yankees), Geo Soto (Cubs), and Adrián González (Dodgers). Each will be joined by a Wild Card -- an athlete from another sport training in baseball for the first time -- a young player from Britain's development system, and a star from women's baseball or softball.

Because as Gomes said, "Yes, girls can hit tanks, as well."

After Gomes' interview was wrapped up, the players walked over to see the event site for the very first time. Swisher was absolutely blown away by what he saw.

"This is way cooler than I thought it'd be," Swisher exclaimed. "This is dope!"

The rules and format for the tournament are a little different, too. Read this article for more or let the short video below fill you in. Don't fret if you can't make the event in London, either: The whole thing will be streamed online right here and throughout MLB's social platforms.