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Perez, JBJ highlight night of spectacular grabs

Making a spectacular catch to rob an extra-base hit is apparently the cool thing to do on Wednesday night, with Juan Perez of the Giants and Jackie Bradley Jr. of the Red Sox showing others how it's done.

Perez robbed Cardinals rookie outfielder Stephen Piscotty of a first-inning home run when he climbed up the wall in right-center field and made a basket-catch of a deep fly ball.

"I was thinking if its inside the ballpark, I have a good chance to make the catch," Perez said. "It was going to be a homer, but I was close enough to make the catch."

According to Statcast™, Perez took his first step just 0.224 seconds after the ball was hit, and he reached a top speed of 17.408 mph while tracking the ball.

Piscotty did end up getting his way in the bottom of the third with a homer to left field.

"I felt good about it off the bat and started running and I peeked to check as I got to the bag, and as soon as I looked up, I saw him leave his feet," Piscotty said. "All I remember seeing is him coming back with the ball in his hand. I thought, 'Man, that's tough.' He made an unbelievable catch."

Perez's catch would stand alone as a highlight on most nights, but on Wednesday it was just part of bunch.

Video: [email protected]: Bradley Jr. jumps, makes great grab at track

Boston center fielder Bradley took extra bases away from Cleveland's Francisco Lindor with a terrific catch in deep center.

Lindor hit a line drive right at Bradley Jr., but the athletic outfielder was able to make a leaping catch over his head to take away the hit.

Bradley Jr. reached a top speed of 17.956 mph while racing for the ball, according to Statcast™.

However, the Indians would get revenge on Bradley Jr. an inning later as Lonnie Chisenhall took extra bases away from the Boston center fielder.

Video: [email protected]: Chisenhall jumps to snag a deep fly ball

Chisenhall's catch wasn't quite as athletic as Bradley Jr.'s, but he most certainly robbed him of extra bases as he leapt up and snagged the fly ball on the warning track in right field. Bradley Jr. later retaliated with a homer in the bottom of the fourth.

Not to be outdone by his outfield counterparts, Mets center fielder Juan Lagares' made a spectacular catch of his own. Lagares made a diving catch in the sixth inning of the Mets game against the Orioles as he ran a great distance before diving into the left-center field gap.

Video: Must C Catch: Lagares lays out, makes nice catch

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