Knee injury keeps Mancini off the field

April 21st, 2018

BALTIMORE -- Orioles left fielder was not in Saturday's lineup and is expected to be sidelined a few days after exiting Friday's 3-1 win over the Indians with a right knee injury. Mancini, who had a brace on Saturday afternoon, said a CT scan was negative for any serious damage and he doesn't expect to be a disabled list candidate.

"It's really sore today. Just four inches or so under the wall that isn't padded is what my knee hit," Mancini of the incident in which he slammed into the left-field wall during an unsuccessful attempt at a diving catch of a foul pop.

"Obviously doesn't feel too good but luckily avoiding anything serious, no tears or break. Just had to get a couple stitches. It's just really swollen today. Tough to bend my knee. But I'm hoping in a couple days it'll be good. The second I feel like I can play I'll be back out there."

Mancini exited after the play in the eighth inning and had immediate X-rays. He slammed into the padded portion of the wall last year and missed one game and is hopeful his knee will respond quickly again.

"I remember it feeling better so I'm hoping it's the same case here," he said. "The swelling is pretty much what's keeping me out, not being able to bend it. I'm hoping it rapidly feels better."

In Mancini's place, -- who replaced him on Friday -- played left field and was penciled in at leadoff.