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Kratz stands his ground on collision with Chipper

ATLANTA -- Phillies catcher Erik Kratz survived the collision at home plate with Chipper Jones in the fourth inning Friday at Turner Field.

Jones called it the hardest hit of his career.

"Yes," he said. "I hit Mike Piazza a couple times, but nothing like that. Piazza was more one of those guys that would just sit on home plate. He learned under [Mike] Scioscia and he would just sit there. He was pretty hard to move when he's sitting on home plate. When the throw is high and up the line, it gives you an opportunity to get up under there."

Jones said he knew he was out as soon as he clocked Kratz.

"I could tell the way he caught the ball, the ball popped in his glove," he said. "He caught it solidly and it got there a fraction of a second before I did. If he had caught it and it might have been rattling around in there, then you think you might have an opportunity to jar it loose. But he was pretty rock solid on the reception."