Up against wall, Schwarber's effort just short

LF impresses despite overturned call; Almora follows up with 2nd nice grab of day

April 13th, 2017

CHICAGO -- The Cubs' showed off his juggling skills in the third inning of Thursday's 4-0 win over the Dodgers.

The Dodgers' led off the inning with a fly ball to left, and Schwarber caught the ball at the end of his glove, but it came out and bounced off the brick wall, then bounced off Schwarber's right hand. The ball eventually landed in Schwarber's glove, and center fielder Albert Almora Jr. signaled a catch as Schwarber landed on his seat, holding his glove up.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts wasn't convinced, and he asked for a review. After a three-minute, 55-second review, the call was overturned, and Hernandez was awarded a double.

The replay official determined the ball made contact with the outfield wall prior to the fielder demonstrating firm and secure possession.

"Once we saw the ball off Schwarber's glove and saw on the replay that it hit the ivy ... as we understand it, the ivy is a part of the wall and that can't aid in the catching of the ball," Roberts said. "Once we saw that, there was a review in place, and New York decides on the placement of the runner."

Almora thought Schwarber's circus catch was good.

"I thought he really made the play," Almora said. "He started bobbling it, and I thought he got around it."

"I thought it was going to come back more because of the wind," Schwarber said. "I wish it would've stuck in [my glove] the first time and not popped out. I tried to get it, but it ended up hitting the ivy."

Remember, Schwarber is a converted catcher.

"If I'm going to make a mistake, it's going to be an aggressive mistake, not a passive mistake," Schwarber said. "The ball's to the wall, and you're trying to make a play, and no one can second-guess you."

Hernandez didn't score, as Cubs starter got the next two batters to ground out, and then Almora made his second straight perfectly timed catch at the wall of 's fly ball. Almora also robbed Seager of a potential extra-base hit in the first.

Schwarber's eventful game continued in the fifth. He singled on a ball deflected by Dodgers first baseman to score . One out later, singled to right to drive in from third, and Schwarber raced home to try to score on the play as the throw sailed to left. Hernandez threw home to nab Schwarber, who sustained a small cut above his right eye but stayed in the game.

"It's a little scratch," Schwarber said.