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The latest Machado free-agent rumors

Manny Machado has been one of the game's best players since debuting in 2012, and he is set to cash in as a first-time free agent this offseason.

Below you will find a list of the latest news and rumors surrounding the infielder.

Manny Machado has been one of the game's best players since debuting in 2012, and he is set to cash in as a first-time free agent this offseason.

Below you will find a list of the latest news and rumors surrounding the infielder.

Padres reportedly make Manny an offer of around 8 years, $250 million or more
Feb. 17: With the Padres, Phillies and White Sox seen as the finalists in the Manny Machado Sweepstakes, MLB Network insider Jon Heyman reports that San Diego has made Machado an offer of about eight years and $250 million. The San Diego Union-Tribune's Kevin Acee reports the offer is actually north of that, and a source told's AJ Cassavell that the Padres' offer is "substantial" and believed to be the highest on the table for Machado, one that will likely not be topped.

Tweet from @sdutKevinAcee: I don���t know the years. But my understanding is offer to Machado is for more than $250 million.

Heyman reported earlier that it appears Machado will go with the highest offer, regardless of destination, but that if Machado would consider a shorter deal with the Yankees, New York might take him up on it.

Tweet from @JonHeyman: Word is Machado will go for the ���best deal��� (ie most money), but if he���s willing to do something short term ��� very short term ��� he should try calling back the Yankees. It���s a long shot, but under those circumstances, word is they might consider Manny.

Machado seems to be a perfect fit for a long-term Padres infield that could feature Eric Hosmer at first, prospect Luis Urias at second, top prospect Fernando Tatis Jr. at short and the 26-year-old superstar at third. San Diego could also use the power upgrade Machado would bring to the lineup -- the franchise hasn't had a hitter produce 30 or more home runs and an OPS of .900 or better in a season since Adrian Gonzalez in 2010.

The Padres are also still in the mix for Machado's fellow 26-year-old superstar free agent, Bryce Harper. According to Heyman, San Diego has made an offer to Harper as well, which is higher than the offer made to Machado. Though he wouldn't be an easy fit on the roster like Machado, Cassavell reports the Padres are ready to make room by dealing from their wealth of outfielders if Harper is amenable to their contract offer.

Will Moose's signing ignite Machado sweepstakes?
Feb. 17: Mike Moustakas' reported deal with the Brewers means another prominent free-agent infielder is off the board. It also means there's one less backup plan at third base for those in the sweepstakes for Manny Machado. With that in mind, will Machado's suitors shift gears and ramp up their offers, as MLB Network insider Jon Heyman speculates?

Tweet from @JonHeyman: Moustakas close to returning to brewers. Said to be about 9M for 1. @Ken_Rosenthal and @JeffPassan 1st. Also had interest from angels or could have possibly waited for a manny runner up (ie padres or chisox).

The White Sox and Padres are considered by many to be the frontrunners for Machado, and both of those clubs are rumored to want him to play the hot corner rather than shortstop. Chicago has Tim Anderson entrenched at short but could use an upgrade over Yolmer Sanchez at third base; San Diego has youngster Fernando Tatis Jr. -- the No. 2 overall prospect in baseball, per MLB Pipeline -- nearly ready to take over shortstop but lacks a short- or long-term answer at third.

Tweet from @JonHeyman: Padres remain hopeful to land one of the two big fish (Manny seems more likely, with Harper/Phillies heating up). Chisox plus mystery teams the main competition assuming Phils get their top target.

Tweet from @JonHeyman: There was a belief Machado preferred to be east and especially not be on the West Coast. However recent word in Miami circles has been that he���s going to take whatever the best deal is. #padres

The Phillies also have been in the mix for Machado, as well as for outfielder Bryce Harper, and the latter might be the better fit in Philly. Although third baseman Maikel Franco was a 1-WAR player in 2018, he still may have some upside, and the Phillies already traded for shortstop Jean Segura this offseason.

The Angels were connected to Moustakas recently, too, so perhaps they could pivot toward Machado with the sense that no team has bowled him over with an offer to this point. The Halos, however, may not have room in their payroll for that.

And the Yankees shouldn't be counted out just yet, either, as Heyman suggests they still could be a fit -- if Machado is willing to consider a short-term deal, something Heyman calls a "long shot."

Tweet from @JonHeyman: Word is Machado will go for the ���best deal��� (ie most money), but if he���s willing to do something short term ��� very short term ��� he should try calling back the Yankees. It���s a long shot, but under those circumstances, word is they might consider Manny.

Examining potential of Machado to White Sox
Feb. 17: The White Sox still look like one of the favorites to land Machado. But just how big is their offer to him, and what other factors could be at play to help the star infielder land with Chicago?

Several numbers have been floated throughout the offseason, including a recent report from Dominican radio station Z101's Hector Gomez of an eight-year, $250 million offer, as well as an earlier report of a $175 million offer.

But MLB Network insider Jon Heyman thinks the real offer from Chicago to Machado is somewhere in between those two figures, although he admits he's making what amounts to an educated guess based on the reports.

Tweet from @JonHeyman: Have heard reported offer of 250M for 8 yrs for Machado by White Sox isn���t right. May or may not be close, but guess would be that at least today it���s a bit lower. Higher than 175 but lower than 250. At least at moment. (So yes, we still don���t have facts, just educated guesses.)'s Jon Paul Morosi suggests that, although he has not confirmed Gomez's report of an offer of $250 million over eight years, it's at least worth noting that nobody has denied those figures.

"Neither the White Sox nor Machado's camp have come out and denied that [report]," Morosi says. "That doesn't necessarily mean that it's true, but I think it has hung out there long enough that if someone was going to say, 'Hey, that's not the case,' we probably would have heard that by now. And we haven't."

As for how Machado would fit with the White Sox -- a rebuilding team coming off six straight losing seasons but with a crop of young, up-and-coming prospects --'s Richard Justice writes that they "feel like an ideal fit because they are filled with near-MLB-ready talent, and Machado would give them a face-of-the-franchise cornerstone to build around. His presence would allow the kids to become acclimated to the Majors while he's the main focus of attention."

Given that the AL Central is considered a winnable division as Cleveland's window of contention appears to be closing, Machado certainly would boost the White Sox in 2019 and beyond, especially once some of that soon-to-arrive young talent -- including slugger Eloy Jimenez, infielder Nick Madrigal and righty Dylan Cease -- starts making an impact.

Don't count Yanks out on Machado or Harper
Feb. 16: Even as Spring Training has begun and the Yankees already have made several moves to upgrade a roster that won 100 games last year, don't count New York out when it comes to the two premier free agents remaining on the market, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

"I wouldn't say specifically, but I would reinforce, I'm doing my job," general manager Brian Cashman said Saturday. "Whether that's those two players or other players that aren't as significant name value, the job at hand is to constantly be open-minded to ways to make this work the best it can possibly work. ... We like what we've done to this point, but we're never a finished product."

The Yankees already have a full outfield with Brett Gardner, Aaron Hicks, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and an injured Jacoby Ellsbury. Signing Harper could necessitate some reshuffling and adjusting. With respect to Machado, the Yankees have added multiple infielders already, signing free agents Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu. Tulowitzki is expected to open the season at shortstop as Didi Gregorius recovers from Tommy John surgery, and LeMahieu is expected to play a super-utility role.

Then again, this is the Yankees, a team that can never be counted out on big free agents, regardless of the situation. 

After meeting with Padres GM, here's how Machado could fit in San Diego
Feb. 16: After SNY's Andy Martino reported that the Padres were being "very aggressive" with their offer to Manny Machado, a source confirmed to's Mark Feinsand that general manager A.J. Preller actually flew to Miami to meet with Machado and his wife sometime in the past week.

Machado is the Friars' first choice to fill their vacancy at the hot corner, but it is not believed that the 26-year-old is close to choosing a team at this time, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Martino previously noted that some in Machado's camp have been pushing for the infielder to sign a shorter-term deal with the Yankees, who are believed to be his preferred destination. The Phillies and White Sox also remain in the mix.

Tweet from @martinonyc: Told that Padres have been very aggressive with offer to Machado but he doesn���t know if he wants to go there. Some in his camp pushing for shorter term deal with Yankees. Phillies, White Sox also big on him, as you surely know.

New York has Miguel Andujar at third base, and added infielders Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu this offseason, making a Machado signing seem unlikely. But the club might change its tune if Machado is willing to accept a lesser contract. While the Yanks are not viewed as the frontrunners for Machado, they aren't "out" on him either and are maintaining a line of communication, according to Martino.

Tweet from @martinonyc: The Yankees are not out on Machado, still talking, not the frontrunner. Really same as for many months

The Padres are also in on Bryce Harper, and Preller met with the slugger along with general partner Peter Seidler and manager Andy Green in Las Vegas last month, per Acee. Although San Diego would be thrilled to land either player, the club has a much greater need for a third baseman than another corner outfielder.

The Padres have perhaps the best farm system in baseball, boasting a record 10 prospects on MLB Pipeline's Top 100 list. That includes shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., who ranks second overall. However, the club lacks an in-house answer at third base.'s AJ Cassavell provides a look at how Machado, in particular, would fit with the Padres in both the short and long term, while Feinsand breaks down how the dominoes could fall for Harper (as well as Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel) if Machado goes to San Diego.

Video: MLB Now: Machado and the Padres meet a 2nd time

Are the Phillies still the favorites to land Harper or Machado?
Feb. 14: Even if the Phillies aren't necessarily the first choice for Bryce Harper or Manny Machado, will one of the superstar free agents ultimately accept Philadelphia's offer?

Buster Olney predicted as much in an appearance Thursday on ESPN's "Get Up!" Olney also said the feeling is that the White Sox are a "safety net" for both players.

With both Harper and Machado reportedly seeking contracts in the range of 10 years for more than $300 million, the two have lingered on the free agent market. But Olney thinks each player will eventually land deals between 8 and 10 years.

Meanwhile, Phillies general manager Matt Klentak indicated Thursday that he is still monitoring the free-agent market but feels like the team accomplished its offseason goals by adding Andrew McCutchen, Jean Segura, J.T. Realmuto and David Robertson.

"I think if you look at our offseason, we have done just about everything we've set out to do," Klentak said. "At the beginning of the offseason, we identified for sure that we wanted to improve the team defense. That was a flaw of our team last year and it was something we knew we needed to address. We wanted to address our ability to get good hitters out late in the game, particularly left-handed hitters. We think we've addressed that. We've addressed our offense in a couple of key places. And now we've taken care of locking up our best young player. A lot of years, that would be a very complete, thorough and successful offseason. And I really think that it is. The notion that we hear that if we fail to sign a big free agent then it's a failure of an offseason, I don't agree with that.

"Now, I say all that, I'm not trying to throw cold water on the idea that we may still sign a free agent. We are going to continue to explore that market because there's still several really good free agents out there."

According to's Todd Zolecki, the belief in Clearwater is that the Phils' front office prefers Machado over Harper because of Machado's combination of offense and defense. However, the club remains in contact with each player's agent.

Video: Klentak discusses the free agents still on market

Do Machado's new gloves hint at his potential destination?
Feb. 12: Those looking for any potential clue as to which team Manny Machado might choose in free agency may have gotten one Tuesday, when Rawlings' official Twitter account posted photos of Machado's personalized gloves for 2019.

Tweet from @RawlingsSports: Check out Manny Machado's gloves for this season! Where do you think he is going to play this season? Is the black and white a sign?? #TeamRawlings

Each glove is black and white, with some red for Rawlings' branding. It doesn't take a detective to notice that they look like the type of gloves Machado might choose if he was trying to sync up his equipment with the team colors of the White Sox, one of the clubs known to be in the mix for his services.

Now, perhaps Machado chose the neutral colors so as not to give anything away as far as his free-agent destination is concerned.

But it's worth noting that Machado did utilize gloves that matched the Orioles' colors in 2018, beginning the year with a primarily orange glove trimmed with black and then switching to a mostly black glove accented with orange. The infielder later moved to a tan and black glove and stuck with it after being traded to the Dodgers in July.

Does this actually mean anything? Maybe not. But it's fun to speculate.

Yankees staying in on Machado
Feb. 11: As the Yankees prepare to open camp, their front office continues to check in on Machado, according to a report from SNY's Andy Martino on Monday.

Martino writes that the frontrunners to land Machado remain the White Sox and Phillies. But the Yankees are still in.

Per the report, those close to Machado think he'll go to the team that makes him the largest offer, and that's not expected to be New York. One person close to Machado told Martino that the Yankees' offer is "low" compared to what Machado wants.

But the Bronx Bombers are always a threat to make a big free-agent splash, especially if general manager Brian Cashman sees a window open in the market to make an opportunistic play.

If Machado signed with the Yankees, it would be to play third base, per Martino's report. Sources told Martino that the shortstop job is Troy Tulowitzki's if he's healthy. With Machado at third, Miguel Andujar could even move to first base.

One GM's prediction: Harper to Padres, Machado to Phillies
Feb. 11: Where will Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sign? The top question of the offseason will now become one of the top questions of Spring Training as pitchers and catchers report MLB-wide this week.

While both players' markets are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, one MLB general manager offered up his prediction to SNY's Andy Martino recently. In said GM's opinion, Harper is going to sign with the Padres, and Machado with the Phillies.

Tweet from @martinonyc: Asked this exact question of an MLB GM the other day and he said Harper to Padres, Machado to Phillies. But honestly, no one really knows yet.

San Diego recently entered the mix for Harper, meeting with the outfielder at the end of January. Meanwhile, Philadelphia is one of two clubs -- along with the White Sox -- that are known to be engaged with both Harper and Machado.

Harper also recently met with another National League West team, the Giants, in Las Vegas, and "there has been an increased sense among some in the clubhouse that Harper prefers" San Francisco, a source told NBC Sports Bay Area.

Do Yankees need Harper or Machado to ensure they "finish the job" in '19?
Feb. 10: The Yankees have made several additions to their roster this offseason to bolster it ahead of another run at reaching the World Series for the first time since 2009. But despite bringing in the likes of James Paxton, Adam Ottavino, Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu, while also re-signing J.A. Happ, CC Sabathia and Zack Britton, is it enough to overtake the powerhouse Red Sox?'s Mike Lupica writes that while it may be, the question with superstars Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still on the free-agent market is: How much farther would the organization go financially in order to tilt the scales more sharply in its favor? Signing Harper or Machado would certainly do that, but neither will come cheap, and the Yankees are already at a $220 million payroll.

"Yankees fans want [owner Hal] Steinbrenner and general manager Brian Cashman to finish the job this season," writes Lupica. "[If] it turns out that they haven't spent enough, and Machado or Harper might make all the difference, Yankees fans aren't going to want to hear about how fiscally responsible the team is being." More >

Video: Harper, Machado keep Yankees on their radar

What would an Arenado extension mean for Machado?
Feb. 8: The Rockies are optimistic they will be able to sign their superstar third baseman, Nolan Arenado, to a contract extension soon, as club owner Dick Monfort told's Thomas Harding last week. If Colorado is able to secure Arenado for the long term, how might that impact two superstars still on the free-agent market in Bryce Harper and Manny Machado?'s Mark Feinsand writes that Arenado's extension could set a new average annual value record for position players, and if it does, Harper and Machado could benefit.

"It depends on the numbers, but I would expect the agents to fight to be above [Arenado's deal]," one AL general manager told Feinsand.

Beyond the AAV, the length of a potential Arenado extension, which could keep the 27-year-old in Denver through his mid-30s, could be a boon for Harper and Machado as well, as they seek deals that would exceed 10 years and $300 million.

Feinsand also delves into how an Arenado extension would impact this summer's trade market, as well as next offseason's free-agent market. More >

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