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Maddon unhappy about Longoria plunking

ST. PETERSBURG -- Indians reliever Cody Allen hit Evan Longoria with a pitch in his left buttocks in the seventh inning, prompting Rays manager Joe Maddon to cry foul.

Maddon did not actually see the pitch strike the Rays All-Star third baseman, but he had a pretty good idea about what happened.

"I was actually cleaning my glasses at the time, so I didn't see it first-hand," Maddon said. "So then I heard about it, and it's pretty much a consensus opinion that he did it intentionally. However, I'll say one thing, unequivocally, I know it did not come from Tito [Terry Francona]. He would not do that."

There was some question regarding whether the pitch had been in response to Desmond Jennings running over Indians catcher Lou Marson.

"I know that it was a clean baseball play that did not deserve that kind of retaliation," Maddon said. "The concern that they should have over there is that that's how you get players hurt on your team. For me, it had to come from one of the players, and I would absolutely point to their bullpen."

Bill Chastain is a reporter for
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