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Manto wants hitters to stay true to selves

Manto wants hitters to stay true to selves

MINNEAPOLIS -- With two months left in what could be a playoff-caliber 2012 season, White Sox hitting coach Jeff Manto has a very simple suggestion of success for his charges.

"The key is not to panic and trust what you have been doing," Manto said. "There will be a lot of times where guys will think they need to do more, and that's when we start to get into trouble. As long as guys can keep staying positive and just staying in the frame of mind that they are in and just continue to play their role, things will be fine.

"Stay within yourself. We don't need Orlando Hudson to start hitting home runs. We don't need Adam Dunn to start hitting singles. Just stay with what they are doing.

"People come off of a task, come out of their own realm, and that's when things get a little hairy," Manto said. "These guys seem to be pretty aware of who they are and what they can do. I think they will keep the path."

White Sox hitters have drawn just two walks in their last 145 plate appearances, covering the last four games. But Manto remains satisfied with the team's overall patient approach.

"What's happening now is that we are getting pitches to hit and just missing them," Manto said. "We still have been working a lot of pitchers deep in the counts. It's just that we are getting pitches to hit and we are swinging now.

"We don't strive for a particular number of walks per game. As far as I'm concerned, the at-bats are still good, so I'm not concerned."