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Marco Mazzieri and Chris Colabello Interview March 12 2013

Q. (From Spanish) Getting to the second round, it is a surprise for every one of us maybe not having the quality.  Having lost the first game and still having the opportunity to recover, how does that make you feel?

MARCO MAZZIERI:  I think the boys played very well.  It was a very good game, and we left everything on the field.  That's our training, that's the team leader, that's what I request from the boys, to leave everything on the field, and then we'll see the scoreboard.  The scoreboard today was not on our side.

Q.  Chris, you opened the game with four runs against the Dominicans.  Did you feel that was going to be enough to beat such a powerful lineup?

CHRIS COLABELLO:  I mean, I don't think it's ever enough runs.  You obviously have to play the game.  The game changes all the time.  Baseball is interesting.  Obviously every opportunity we get, we try to take advantage of, and I never think ‑‑ I don't think any lead is comfortable, especially in this tournament, the format that we're playing in.  It's obviously nice to get ahead, but obviously four runs was one too few today.

Q.  The inning where the Dominican Republic took advantage, you took Panerati, the lefty.  What happened there?

MARCO MAZZIERI:  (From Spanish) it's a book for us.  Panerati has a good change.  We tried in that situation to keep it rolling, to process the ball a little bit to get a double play.  There's no certainty in baseball and there is no reason why to be for sure to ‑‑ to put a right‑hander, that's what we were thinking.  And I think in that situation, Panerati, the lefty, did very well, at least two of those four pitchings were very close to the phone.  How close, it looked very close.

Q.  How challenging is it against that Dominican bullpen running all those guys out there and then you see Rodney coming in in the ninth inning in mid‑march throwing 90 miles an hour?

MARCO MAZZIERI:  Well, I think that we were in the pretty same situation when we faced Sergio Romo with the Mexican team.  You can't really look at who's pitching or playing on the other side because you're going to play great players in these tournaments, so it's not that you can worry about who's pitching and how hard is the pitching, you've just got to find a way to get it done.  We were able to actually put a runner on, could have been a tying run, we just couldn't do it today.  We did it against México and couldn't do it today.

CHRIS COLABELLO:  I think it's a lot like Marco says.  As hitters especially, you go out there and stick to your plan.  Obviously you're facing some hard throwers in that bullpen, guys with some pretty good stuff.  But certainly they can't dictate the way you go about your business in the box.  You do the best you can with it, be patient, try to get something to hit, and that's about it.

I think as a team we've had pretty good at‑bats throughout the tournament, and obviously approached some guys pretty well toward the end, like you said, against Romo, and Tyler had a great at‑bat there against Rodney to get a runner on for us and give us a chance.

Q.  He was asked if we missed something after the first inning or if the first inning relaxed us too much.

MARCO MAZZIERI:  No, it did not relax us.  In the first inning it was a little wider, the strike zone, and then he established his stuff and he was able to go five inning, and out of that bullpen all those arms were pretty good.

Q.  Chris, how do you view individually what you've been able to do in this tournament coming from a lot of years in the Canadian league and then Double‑A last year, what you've been able to do in the WBC?

CHRIS COLABELLO:  At the end of the day, my biggest goal every time I go on the baseball field is to try to help my team win a baseball game.  I think if you focus too much on your personal stuff, it has a tendency to get in the way of your ability to succeed as an individual.

That being said, I'm just trying to put good swings on baseballs.  Again, you go out every day, try to win a baseball game.  That's the fun part of the game, especially in a tournament like this.  Got a couple good pitches to hit, put some good swings on them.  Unfortunately today wasn't enough to get it done.