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Redmond would like replay expanded further

SAN FRANCISCO -- Upon hearing that Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez was ejected earlier Saturday during his club's contest with the Cardinals, Miami skipper Mike Redmond said Major League Baseball should consider changes to the replay procedures on fair/foul calls.

Gonzalez unsuccessfully tried to argue that Aaron Harang bunted a ball in foul territory, but the play was unreviewable under the current MLB replay guidelines. Instead, Gonzalez was thrown out of the game as Harang was ruled out on a double play.

Redmond's team has also been on the wrong end of a couple of fair/foul replay situations, including Thursday, when umpires couldn't go to video to review if Hunter Pence touched a ball with his foot while running down to first.

"I definitely think that it's one that they'll have to look at," Redmond said. "It happens a lot more frequently than people think. That's a tough one for the umpire behind home plate to see that -- almost impossible. Like anything, this is a work in progress. There'll definitely be plays that they'll look at at the end of the year, and that they'll figure out ways to maybe make the system better."

But the Marlins were on the right side of a replay Friday night, as Giancarlo Stanton was credited with a catch under the revised transfer rule, which was implemented April 25. About three weeks ago, it would not have been ruled an out, as he didn't cleanly transfer the ball from his glove to his throwing hand.

"We've benefitted twice from the old rule and once now from the new rule," Redmond said. "As long as you stay on top of the rules, you're in business."

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