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McCann takes BP for first time this spring

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Brian McCann was happy about the way his surgically repaired right shoulder felt on Thursday morning, when he took batting practice for the first time this year.

"It was nice to get back in there and see something coming at you," McCann said. "I'm on pace. Everything they have asked me to do, I've done."

McCann will complete his rehab exercises and return the field on Saturday to take batting practice again and to build his arm strength. The six-time All-Star catcher threw from a distance of 120 feet on Thursday without any problem.

The Braves will have McCann take batting practice and throw on an every-other-day basis for at least another week. They will continue to bring him along slowly as he recovers from October's procedure.

McCann remains confident that he will be ready to return to the lineup at some point in the middle of April. His timetable will become clearer as he continues to test the shoulder over the next few weeks.