This week in World Series baseball

November 3rd, 2021

And with that, the marathon is over. The baseball season has finished for another year and, for the first time in 26 years, Atlanta sits upon the MLB throne. But before we start looking ahead to next year, let's wrap up the final week of the baseball season by looking at the five most fun moments from the end of the World Series.

1. Trevor Plouffe is a psychic

It was a tweet that didn't get too much notice back in March. The former big leaguer turned baseball analyst tweeted out his season predictions. Hey, that's not so strange -- plenty of other analysts do that, too. The only difference: Plouffe nailed the World Series result down to the exact amount of games.

Hey, Trevor, next time do us a favor and add a "Spoiler warning" please.

2. Harry Styles was predicting the Braves to win, too

What can't Styles do? The boy band icon turned pop-glam fashion star was in Atlanta for two shows during the World Series and he made his feelings known.

During a show on Oct. 27 -- one night after the Braves had taken a 1-0 Series lead -- Styles shouted to the crowd, "Astros -- outta there. We're going all the way, baby!"

Joc Pederson -- the Braves' pearl necklace-wearing outfielder -- heard about the support and so got in touch with the pop star. There was only one way to do it:

Hey, if there's one thing Joc knows, it's style:

3. The ice cream

Wondering how the Braves got on such a roll in the second half of the year? Wonder no more. Forget the Trade Deadline moves or hot streaks or anything of the sort: The answer is soft serve ice cream.

As James Wagner reported in The New York Times, after the Braves ate ice cream from the Fenway Park concourse during a long rain delay in May, the players started petitioning for their own soft serve machine. Team leader Freddie Freeman even had a meeting with GM Alex Anthopoulos to plead his case.

Fortunately, they got the machine and the rest is history.

“When they brought that into the clubhouse, it was like magic,” infielder Johan Camargo said.

4. From first to last

In Game 1, World Series MVP Jorge Soler did something that had never been done in the World Series' 118 year history: He led off the whole thing with a home run.

Well, with the game in a scoreless tie in Game 6, Soler worked a full count. He fouled off a few pitches waiting for one that he could unload on. And baby, when he let loose, it was a monster moonshot.

The ball flew clear out of the stadium and eventually even wound up at a nearby apartment party after sitting on the sidewalk for eight minutes.

5. The party

Once Atlanta won, it was time for the players, coaches and front office staff to celebrate achieving the thing they've dreamed of their entire lives. Freeman was his usual goofy, funny, genuine self while out on the field:

Manager Brian Snitker -- who has been coaching in the Braves system since 1980 -- gave his wife, Ronnie, a loving shoutout. Snitker stopped in the middle of his speech to point to Ronnie and tell her, "Honey, we did it."

Tucker Davidson, who was added to the World Series roster only after Charlie Morton's injury, then put together the greatest scrapbook possible. He walked around the clubhouse and got every player to pose for him: