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MLB community chronicles Boston on Twitter

First, the baseball community reacted with shock and empathy to the terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon. On Friday, the mood shifted to tense and dramatic as an unprecedented manhunt gripped the entire nation.

After a massive law enforcement contingent surrounded and subsequently arrested the second of two suspects believed to have carried out Monday's bombings, emotions ran high with patriotic overtones and expressions of relief.

The Red Sox are slated to return to Fenway Park on Saturday -- the ballpark's 101st birthday -- against the Royals. Players took to Twitter to share in the outpouring of support for law enforcement and the people of Boston.

"Awesome job by the law enforcement, thank you!!! And to take him alive, what a feeling! #bostonstrong," Red Sox closer Joel Hanrahan tweeted from his account, @hanrahan52.

Second baseman Dustin Pedroia joined in sharing gratitude.

"Thank You All Law Enforcements!!!! #Heroes," he tweeted from his handle, @15lasershow.

Hanrahan also enjoyed the return of foot traffic to the streets of Boston, where citizens had been on lockdown and advised to remain in their homes while officials searched for the suspects. Earlier Friday, when uncertainty and fear reigned supreme, Royals vice president of communications and broadcasting Mike Swanson remarked on his Twitter handle, @Swanee54, that the empty streets provided him "the definition of surreal."

"Awesome seeing the people on the streets(again) cheering all the cop cars as they drive down the street! #bostonstrong," Hanrahan tweeted.

It hasn't taken long for right fielder Shane Victorino, who signed with the Red Sox over the winter, to find his place in the Boston community.

"We stood together! Amazing work by all involved. #BostonStrong," Victorino tweeted from his account, @ShaneVictorino.

Third baseman Will Middlebrooks offered a simple, yet profound statement.

"So proud to be a part of this great city. #BostonStrong," he said on his account, @middlebrooks.

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