New MLB app for Apple Vision Pro revolutionizes viewing experience

February 2nd, 2024

Major League Baseball has unveiled its new MLB App for Apple Vision Pro, which will allow fans to customize their viewing experience and enjoy the game of baseball like never before.

While watching a game in the MLB App on Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s revolutionary new spatial computer designed to seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world, users can enter a fully immersive, three-dimensional viewing environment with interactive statistics, play-by-play and other features that can be fully controlled by the user, including enhanced data visualizations powered by Statcast.

The new MLB App on Apple Vision Pro also allows users to place their viewing experience within a digitally rendered MLB ballpark, simulating the experience of watching on a stadium’s videoboard. Additionally, fans can interact spatially with the MLB App on Apple Vision Pro while also using other applications at the same time.

“Baseball fans seek out connection with their favorite teams and players with the greatest possible level of depth -- Apple Vision Pro provides us an entirely new way to present the national pastime to fans in their own space, no matter where they are, with remarkable depth, clarity, and sound,” said Noah Garden, MLB’s Deputy Commissioner, Business and Media. “Thanks to Apple’s remarkable ingenuity and our incredibly talented staff at MLB, fans can transform their space into a Major League ballpark and surround themselves in a rich, spatial experience that was previously impossible, all while enjoying a more immersive viewing experience.”

At release, the MLB App on Apple Vision Pro will provide fans with unrestricted access to experience Game 1 of the 2023 World Series between the Rangers and D-backs, an 11-inning classic that set the stage for Texas’ five-game Fall Classic victory over Arizona.

An updated version of the MLB App on Apple Vision Pro is slated to be delivered around Opening Day, providing access to additional content for MLB.TV subscribers, who will be able to surround themselves with both live games and on-demand content in a completely customizable, dynamic environment.

“Technological innovation is at the heart of Major League Baseball,” Garden said. “We’ve been evolving sports broadcasting for decades for the betterment of our fans -- from the first games on radio, broadcast, cable and satellite to livestreaming and launching MLB Network. If there is an opportunity for a baseball fan to enjoy our sport on any given platform, then we need to have a presence where we can deliver unique storytelling experiences. And we will continue this approach to constantly meet the needs of our fans.”