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Non-drafted free agent signing tracker

July 10, 2020

The 2020 Draft concluded on June 11, but that doesn't mean teams are done acquiring talent. This year, due to the shortened Draft, all 30 teams may sign an unlimited number of high school and college players who went undrafted for a maximum of $20,000 each. We'll be keeping track

The 2020 Draft concluded on June 11, but that doesn't mean teams are done acquiring talent. This year, due to the shortened Draft, all 30 teams may sign an unlimited number of high school and college players who went undrafted for a maximum of $20,000 each.

We'll be keeping track of all the players who choose to sign here:

JC Correa, INF, Lamar University More »
Justin Dirden OF, Southeast Missouri
Jimmy Endersby, RHP, Concordia Irvine
Cesar Gomez, RHP, Texas-Arlington
Kyle Gruller, RHP, Houston Baptist
Zack Matthews, RHP, Oklahoma
Cody Orr, OF, Tiffin University
Jonathan Sprinkle, RHP, Central Missouri
Peter Zimmerman, INF, Missouri
More »

Garrett Acton, C, Illinois
Grant Judkins, RHP, Iowa
D.J. Lee, OF, Richmond
Will Simoneit, C, Wake Forest
Jake Suddleson, OF, Harvard
Cooper Uhl, C, Loyola Marymount

Blue Jays
Zac Cook, INF/OF, Texas-Arlington
MacKenzie Mueller, OF, Baylor
Harrison Ray, 2B, Vanderbilt
More »

Antonio Barranca, 1B/C, Calvart Hall College (MD) HS
Bryson Horne, 1B, Columbus State
Carter Linton, RHP, Tusculum
Cam Shepherd, SS, Georgia
Landon Stephens, UTL, Miami (Ohio)
Ethan Workinger, OF, San Diego City JC
More »

Noah Campbell, OF/2B, South Carolina
Jason Munsch, RHP, Concordia Nebraska
TJ Shook, RHP, South Carolina
Drew Smith, 2B, Grand Canyon

Jacob Buchberger, RHP, Davenport
Matt Chamberlain, OF, New Haven
Gianluca Dalatri, RHP, North Carolina
Matt Koperniak, 3B/OF, Trinity
Mac Lardner, LHP, Gonzaga
Nick Raposo, C, Wheaton College
Omar Sanchez, LHP, B-You Prospects Academy, Caguas, P.R.
Nick Trogrlic-Iverson, RHP, Gonzaga
More »

Bradlee Beesley, OF, Cal Poly
Scott McKeon, INF, Coastal Carolina
Scott Kobos, LHP, Coastal Carolina
Graham Lawson, RHP, South Carolina
Ben Leeper, RHP, Oklahoma State
Matt Mervis, 1B/RHP, Duke
Bailey Reed, RHP, Westmont College
Sam Thoresen, RHP, Minnesota
Jacob Wetzel, OF, Frederick JC
More »

Dominic Gonnella, OF, Bloomingdale (Fla.) HS More »
Danny Oriente, OF, Louisville

Robbie Peto, RHP, Stetson

Brett Auerbach, C, Alabama
Rob Emery, C, San Francisco
Tyler Forner, OF, Camas HS
Wil Jense, RHP, Pepperdine
Ty Weber, RHP, Illinois
Carter Williams, OF, North Carolina Central
More »

Jaime Arias, LHP, Fresno State More »
Joe Donovan, C, Michigan More »
Alonzo Richardson, INF, Helix (CA) HS More »
Cade Smith, RHP, Hawaii More »

Ty Duvall, INF/OF, Vanderbilt
Justin Lavey, SS/3B, Louisville
Matt Scheffler, C, Auburn
Brett Rodriguez, INF, Wofford
More »

Antonio Velez, LHP, Florida State More »
Brett Norwood, INF, Virginia Commonwealth More »
Ashton Easley, OF/RHP, Air Force Academy More »

Kody Davidson, RHP, Tennessee
Austin Faith, RHP, Lamar
Dylan Hall, RHP, Central Oklahoma
Brandon McIlwain, OF, California More »
Drake Nightengale, RHP, South Alabama
Joe Suozzi, OF, Boston College More »

Zach Brzykcy, RHP, Virginia Tech (No. 180 on the Top 200)
Zach Cornell, OF, Southeastern University
Jackson Coutts, 1B/OF, Rhode Island
Landon Dieterich, 1B/OF, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Gio Diaz, INF, Saint Mary's
Brian Klein, INF, Texas Tech
Quade Tomlin, SS, Liberty Christian Academy (VA.)
Edward Urena, RHP, Western Oklahoma State JC
Raymond Torres Jr., C, San Jacinto JC
More »

TT Bowens, 1B, Central Connecticut State More »
Shane Davis, RHP, North Carolina Central
Thomas Girard, RHP, Duke More »
Dylan Harris, OF, North Carolina More »
Isaiah Kearns, RHP, Pitt-Johnstown More »
JD Mundy, 1B, Radford More »
Ryan Watson, RHP, Auburn More »
Brandon Young, RHP, Louisiana-Lafayette More »

Danny Denz, LHP, Memphis
Michael Green, OF, Clemson
Adam Kerner, C, University of San Diego
Carter Loewen, RHP, Hawaii
Zack Mathis, INF, LSU
Sam Ruta, SS, Pennsbury (PA) HS
Chase Walter, RHP, Western Carolina
More »

Chase Antle, RHP, Coastal Carolina
Blake Brown, RHP, North Carolina-Asheville
Jordan Fowler, LHP, Central Missouri
Buddy Hayward, RHP, Harvard
Jonathan Hughes, RHP, Georgia Tech
Sam Jacobsak, RHP, Northeastern
Jake McKenna, LHP, Ocean City (NJ) HS
J.P. Woodward, LHP, Lafayette College
Noah Skirrow, RHP, Liberty
Billy Sullivan, RHP, Delaware
More »

Parker Brahms, RHP, Sacramento State More »
Joe Jimenez, C, Chapman (CA) University

Fernando Amaro, C, PJ Education School, Cidra, P.R.
Aidan Curry, RHP, Fordham Prep (NY) HS
Nick Krauth, RHP, Connecticut
D.J. McCarty, RHP, Temescal Canyon (CA) HS
Jose Felix, C, Gregorio Luperon (NY) HS
Connor Sechler, RHP, Drury
Brady Smith, C, Florida
Colton Snyder, RHP, Concordia
Josh Stephan, RHP, Grand Prairie (TX) HS
Justin Tejeda, OF, Central Pointe Christian Academy (FL)
More »

Red Sox
Merfy Andrew, RHP, St. Thomas
Jacinto Arredondo, RHP, Tampa
Cuba Bess, 1B, Grand Canyon
Maceo Campbell, RHP, Longwood
Casey Cobb, RHP, Alabama
Jordan DiValerio, RHP, Saint Joseph's
Jose Garcia, C/1B, Florida International
Graham Hoffman, RHP, South Florida
Robert Kwiatkowski, RHP, Marshall
Jake MacKenzie, INF, Fordham
Cole Milam, RHP, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
Juan Montero, C, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
Henry Nunez-Rijo, RHP, Puerto Rico (Guaynabo, P.R.) HS
Brian Van Belle, RHP, Miami
More »

Steven Branche, RHP, Rochester Institute of Technology
Jacob Hurtubise, OF, Army
Tyler Keysor, RHP, Miami
Brett Lockwood, RHP, Kansas State
Alex McGarry, INF/OF, Oregon State
Leo Nierenberg, RHP, Washington
James Proctor, RHP, Princeton
Braxton Roxby, RHP, University of Pitt-Johnstown
Carson Spiers, RHP, Clemson
Gus Steiger, INF, South Dakota State
Francisco Urbaez, 2B, FAU
More »

Luke Leisenring, C, University of South Carolina
Blake Goldsberry, RHP, Kansas
Tanner Propst, LHP, Delta State
More »

A.J. Block, LHP, Washington State
Tucker Bradley, OF, Georgia
Kale Emshoff, C, Arkansas-Little Rock (No. 146 on the Top 200)
Saul Garza, C, LSU
John McMillon, RHP, Texas Tech
Matt Schmidt, INF, Michigan
Chase Wallace, RHP, Tennessee
More »

Nick Davila, RHP, South Florida
Trevin Esquerra, 1B, Loyola Marymount
Wilmer Flores, RHP, Arizona Western College
Carson King, RHP, College of Central Florida
Austin Langworthy, OF, Florida
Chris Mauloni, RHP, Jacksonville
DJ Poteet, OF, Wake Forest
Gabriel Sequeira, RHP, Texas Wesleyan University
More »

Zarion Sharpe, LHP, North Carolina-Wilmington
John Stankiewicz, RHP, Fordham More »
Lucas Sweany, LHP, Pacific

White Sox
Duke Ellis, OF, Texas
Brandon Jenkins, RHP, Seattle University

Clay Aguilar, LHP, Houston
Blane Abeyta, RHP, Nevada
Carson Coleman, RHP, Kentucky More »
Elijah Dunham, OF, Indiana More »
Ocean Gabonia, RHP/SS, Everett More »
Trevor Holloway, RHP, Central Florida More »
Jarod Lessar, RHP, BYU More »
Aaron Palensky, OF, Nebraska More »
Connor Pellerin, RHP, Tulane More »