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Oct. 31 Mike Moustakas, Wade Davis postgame interview

Q. Question for Wade: All year you had pitched one-inning saves, and so to make that transition to multi-inning save, how do you go about doing it? And how does that role change for you coming into the postseason, just physically, mechanically and such?

WADE DAVIS: I don't think it changes much. It's the World Series; you have a lot more adrenaline to wind up and go out there and give everything you've got. A couple more outs really doesn't change anything.

Q. What's it feel like being one win away from winning the World Series, first time for Kansas City in 30 years?

MIKE MOUSTAKAS: It feels great, but we know we've got a tough team we've got to beat again. It's a great ballclub over there. We've got to come back to work tomorrow and find a way to beat these guys again.

But it's nice being up 3-1. But again, it's a great ballclub over there that's capable of a lot of stuff.

Q. Mike, so many times you guys have had so many of these rallies, and so many of them also seem to have these quirky moments in them, like the ball getting through Murphy. Do you guys get an extra surge from that kind of thing or is it all its own making?

MIKE MOUSTAKAS: I think it's all of its own making. We're just trying to put the ball in play. Against a guy like Familia, that guy throws a bowling-ball sinker. And Hoz did a good job of putting the ball in play and make some things happen. It's just kind of how the ball bounced today. It kind of rolled right for us.

Q. After the jam that Wade got out of in Game 6 in Toronto, some of your teammates were using words like "superhuman". What's it like to watch him to go out there with the lead, knowing those six outs were his to get?

MIKE MOUSTAKAS: Confident. Exciting. One of the best closers in baseball. And he goes out there, he's throwing 98, 99 and 94 and 95-mile-an-hour cutters. And he's got a breaking ball that's devastating. It's fun to watch, as far as sitting back at third base. It's fun to watch him go to work.

It's nice to know that he can come in and close it out for two innings. That's not an easy thing to do, as much as he says it is. It's not easy getting six outs against a great lineup like that. That's some tough stuff to do.

Q. Mike, did anyone in the clubhouse today come in thinking today must be a must-win game, considering a loss would have meant playing the best of three against Harvey, deGrom and Syndergaard in a row?

MIKE MOUSTAKAS: Every game is a must-win game; it's the World Series. You have to win every single game. And like you said, they have four stud pitchers. Matz is a stud, Harvey and deGrom and Syndergaard, those guys are phenomenal pitchers. But it's a big win for us tonight. But, again, every win is big.

Q. That was the first line-drive double play to end the World Series in 50 years. Can you walk us through that, and especially since it had followed that play, that it's tough for you to pick up.

MIKE MOUSTAKAS: Yeah, they moved me from shortstop to third base a long time ago, so it's probably a good thing. But Murphy hit that ball and I didn't make the play. And then Cespedes got a base hit, and at that point. At that point we still have all the confidence in the world in Wade. So we're just trying to make a play for him and ended up getting a little fly-ball, line-drive kind of deal and caught it, and looked at first and just tried to make a good play, good throw to Hoz. And I was able to do that and we ended up winning the game.

Q. Wade, you haven't had a lot of innings where you have had a lot of baserunners on. When you get those two guys on, do you draw in any recent experiences to take a deep breath and knowing you can get out of this?

WADE DAVIS: Yeah, I think at that point, I hadn't thrown a whole lot of cutters, so I kind of stored that in the back, in case I got in that situation. Fortunately I had a lefty up, where the cutter works a little bit better, and got a little jam line drive, and got lucky on that.

I don't think you get too excited in that situation. You really just try to settle down and stay calm.