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Nailed it: Odorizzi takes preventative measure

NEW YORK -- Saturday's starter Jake Odorizzi doesn't go for the full manicure, but lately he's been seen around the clubhouse taking care of business where the nail on his middle finger is concerned.

It's an odd sight to see the right-hander applying what appears to be nail polish to the nail then, once applied, blowing on the nail to hasten the drying process.

Turns out Odorizzi is using a nail hardener that Brandon Gomes gave him to combat splitting his fingernail, a problem that Odorizzi has experienced in the past.

"A split nail is much worse than a blister," Odorizzi said. "This hardener stuff actually works pretty well."

Of course, the question had to be asked of Odorizzi: Do you have a future as a Mary Kay salesperson? To wit, Odorizzi deadpanned: "If they'll give me free hardener."

Bill Chastain is a reporter for
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