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Yost, Moore address ASG voting criticism

KANSAS CITY -- Manager Ned Yost has a simple answer for those critical about the fact that eight Royals currently lead in the All-Star ballots.

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"I don't mean to sound bad about it, but if you don't like it, get out and vote," said Yost, who will manage the American League All-Stars. "Instead of complaining about it, go vote."

The fact of the matter is that -- like it or not -- Royals fans are being proactive in voting their players into July 14 game in Cincinnati. Nothing they have gives them any advantage over Cardinals fans, Astros fans, even Indians fans. Except, as it seems, the power of numbers.

"That's the system we have in place," general manager Dayton Moore said. "There's always been debate on who should start the All-Star Game -- who's voted in, who deserves it -- and I think that's what makes our game fun. It's debate.

"The fans are why we do this. And the fans, in this case, have the final say."

Moore isn't necessarily surprised at the results, either, given the attention paid to his team's run into the World Series last season. He has seen the proof everywhere, from the blue hats he saw worn while on his annual winter trip to the Dominican Republic to pictures sent in from all around the world showing Royals support.

"I don't know what the merchandise sales were during the playoffs, but it was nationwide, worldwide," he said. "These players, the way they played the game, the respect they have for the fans and the respect they have for the game, earned a lot of credibility."

So when Yost hears that Omar Infante, statistically one of the worst batters in the Majors, is leading the polls, he isn't surprised to hear about a backlash.

"I'm not in charge of the voting," Yost said. I'm just going to do what I do here. I'm going to take the team that they give me and go out and do the very best with it."

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