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Yost was a big fan of Blue before joining Royals

Ned Yost, Manager, Royals
Hometown: Eureka, Calif.

Yost was born in Eureka but grew up in Dublin, Calif., where he attended Dublin High School. His 1972 graduating class was only the second in the history of the school.

The former Brewers catcher was raised an Athletics fan, adoring pitcher Vida Blue. Yost recalled a story of him chasing Blue's autograph at the Oakland Coliseum in 1971 -- the year the lefty won the American League Cy Young Award and MVP Award.

"I didn't have anything for him to sign. All I had was a dollar bill. So I asked Vida, 'Will you sign this dollar?' So he signed it, 'Vida Blue.' 'Til about the sixth inning, I was hungry as hell and I took that dollar up and bought a colossal dog with it, right?

"So 25 years later I was doing a clinic with Vida Blue and I told all the kids this story about Vida Blue. The cool thing was when the clinic was over, Vida came up and said, 'Hey, I've got something for you,' and he handed me an autographed dollar bill."

Jason Alexander is an associate reporter for
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