Oct. 11 Adrian Gonzalez pregame interview

October 11th, 2016

Q. Did you stay up till the very end of the Cubs-Giants game last night?


Q. Did you watch at all?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: I watched till probably the sixth inning.

Q. When did you find out what time your game was going to be today?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: When I woke up this morning.

Q. Any confusion at all? Was anybody texting, this is what you're game time is?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: We just knew depending on who won, our game was going to be either 2:00 or 5:00. Either way, it didn't matter to us.

Q. How amped is this team to have their No. 1 guy starting in an elimination game like this with Kershaw?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: I mean, you know, the way you look at it is you don't want a team to go down without their best pitcher pitching. Usually you go with that saying when the pitcher is in the bullpen.

But at the same time, you don't want to go out there, if we ended up losing and Kershaw didn't pitch, the question is always going to be, why didn't he pitch Game 4. For us, I think we win today and then we like our chances with Julio, or whoever it is, on Thursday.

Q. Can you give us your mind-set of the locker room knowing it's an elimination game today?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: I think everybody is ready to go. I think when your backs are against the wall, you know all that you can do is go out there and give it all you have, and I think for the most part, everybody is ready and pumped, excited. That's usually when the best comes out of you. Win or lose today, we're going to play our hearts out.

Q. When you're facing a team with several different left-handed relievers, all of which have different styles, what complicates that in terms of preparation, and also the fact that you're only going to face him once a game, and what goes into that as far as you're concerned?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: I think like you said, they each have their style, so you approach them each differently. But for the most part, you're looking for something, you know, middle-up. They are all guys that want to get you to chase pitches out of the zone. They might try to get strike one and then see if you'll chase.

All those guys, hopefully we'll see them early in the game today. That means we knocked out quick and then we'll go from there.

Q. Another elimination game question. What's the key in having a sense of urgency but not getting out of yourself as far as what you've been doing all season?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: I think, just like you said, we've got to be ready to attack strikes, and let anything that's down, especially with Joe and his ability to throw that slider down, you just want to make sure you get the ball up belt-high and let her fly.

Q. How is it for you trying to find out when you had to play today? Did you stay up until the final out of that game last night checking the scores?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Yeah, we talked about that, but you know, I found out when I woke up this morning. So yeah, I went to bed early, not focusing on what time we played, because if I went to bed early, I knew I was going to get a good sleep and I could wake up early regardless.

My plan was to get a good night of rest and not stay up, and then you know, try to worry about what time the game was. Just, if I got a good night's sleep, I was going to be fine either way.

Q. When you have games like this, long games, lots of pitching changes, everything riding on each pitch and you're on defense waiting all that out, how tough is that to deal with mentally on you and maybe even the younger players?

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: I think we expect this. These are moments are the game where those things don't bother you or affect you or change your mentality or anything about your process at all.

You know, these playoff games, especially a short series where you don't need all the starters on your roster and you can have extra bullpen guys. You know there's going to be pitching changes. You know that they are going to go match up-by-match up and all you're worried about is getting the outs that you need to get when you're on defense.