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Oct. 11 CC Sabathia postgame interview

Q. At any point if that game goes on and on and on did you think about going home?

CC SABATHIA:  No.  It's not the time for that.  I get enough rest.  I've been getting enough rest.  I'll be ready to go.  It's a 5:00 game, so I should have enough time to rest and be ready to go.

Q.  What's the feeling like now that you know it's one game for the rest of your season here?

CC SABATHIA:  It's time to go.  You know, this is what you play for.  That's a good team over there we've been battling all year, so hopefully I can go out and have a good performance, and keep us in the game and give us a chance to win.

Q.  You seemed to go to your changeup quite a bit in Game 1.  How important is that pitch for you against this lineup?

CC SABATHIA:  It's always important for me.  It's a pitch that I've developed since I've been in the Big Leagues, and it's become a great pitch for me.  I have to be able to use it in certain counts and throughout the game.  I will definitely look to use it and have to use it as a weapon.

Q.  Do you feel like this whole season is on you, or is that overstating it now?

CC SABATHIA:  No, it is.  It's time to go, like I said.  This is a one‑game playoff, and this is what we play for.  We're here in the Bronx at home, and like I said, I'll be excited and ready to go.

Q.  You relish being in that position?

CC SABATHIA:  Of course.

Q.  Obviously this is a rematch of Game 1 with Jason Hammel.  Do you expect the same kind of game?

CC SABATHIA:  Yeah, I hope so.  He pitched a great game last time out.  Like I said, it's a great team over there.  We've battled all year.  I look forward to it being a good game.

Q.  All series it's been tough to score runs.  Is that the mindset that you have going into tomorrow night, that runs are going to be at a premium?

CC SABATHIA:  Always in the playoffs.  You know, you have to look like that.  But we have a great lineup.  We have great players in our lineup.  You know, at any time we can bust out and score a bunch.

Q.  I think you've made seven straight playoff starts without getting beaten in the playoffs.  Can you draw from that or will you draw from that heading into tomorrow?

CC SABATHIA:  It means absolutely nothing.  Tomorrow is tomorrow.  Games are in the past.  You've always got to drop the last one and look to the next one, and that's what I'm doing.

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