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Oct. 11 Clayton Kershaw pregame interview

Q. Did you feel any different the next day after going on three days' rest from what you would normally feel a day after a start?


Q. Has your between starts routine been back to normal preparing for this one?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: Yeah, back to normal.

Q. Clayton, how willing would you be to go on short rest again later on in the postseason, do you think?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: Yeah, I mean, I'll pitch whenever Donnie wants me to pitch. For me, I just try to think of the game I'm supposed to pitch right now. So for me, that's tomorrow, and I'll worry about that one.

When that one's over with, I obviously don't think I need to pitch Game 5 because we've got Greinke going. But if he wants me to pitch in relief, whatever. I'll do whatever.

Q. A lot has been made of kind of the collective approach that the St. Louis hitters have. What kind of challenges does their lineup pose?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: A great team. Just up and down the lineup. Everybody talks about the team approach that they have, and kind of passing the baton just to the next guy. They don't hit a lot of homers, but they just get big hits and that's kind of what they preach. I guess that's the challenge they pose.

Q. Donnie just said that cutting guys, not including guys on a postseason roster, is even more difficult than spring training. I'm wondering what is it like from your point of view as a player when a player, a pitcher specifically, has been helping you all season and then all of a sudden he's not on the team?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: We don't think of it as he's not on the team. It's going to take more than 25 guys. We talk about that all the time. We've had probably more than 40 probably even help us this year. So you win the World Series, and everything's forgotten, and all those guys helped you to get there. That's the way it is. So whether you helped for one game or were there for the whole year, you were a part of it. That's at least how I look at it.

Q. After you clinched the other night, what did it mean to you that Sandy Koufax would find you and speak to you the way that he did?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: Sandy's great. I don't need to get into it again, but I have a lot of respect for him. He cares about me. It's a cool it's obviously a pretty cool thing.

Q. When you get mentioned in the same sentence as him, how does that make you feel?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: I guess awkward probably more than anything. I don't want to he's just the best of all times. I always say I've got a long time to screw it up. That's obviously a humbling thing, and something that it's obviously a huge honor to me, but I don't take a lot of stock into it.

Q. Since J.P. is the only left hander out there in the bullpen, have they talked to you about the possibility of pitching out of the bullpen in Games 4 and 5?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: I'm pitching Game 2. So I'll let you know after that one. But it's too hard for me to think about anything more than that. I'll worry about Game 2 and go from there.

Q. The Cardinals are one of only two teams that beat you twice this year. Anything stand out from those two games against them?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: I think we lost 4 3 and 2 0. I think they're good games. No, not really.

Q. I know I'm asking you to look back, but I just remember that scene at Dodger Stadium and you came out after three days' rest and you were sitting on the field. Can you just take me through what you were looking about before that moment? It was pretty dramatic?

CLAYTON KERSHAW: I don't know when I was sitting on the field. I do the same thing every start. So I probably was feeling the exact same that I always do. You guys make a big deal about three days' rest. I never made a big deal out of it. Donnie never made a big deal out of it. All you guys, articles from him and everybody else. I mean, no offense, but I'm just kind of tired of it.

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