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Oct. 13 Lance Lynn workout day interview

Q. Can you speak a little bit about the difficulties of going back and forth between starting and relieving?

LANCE LYNN: For me it's not that much. I've been able to do both and be successful at both, so I'm just looking forward to the opportunity. Tomorrow will be fun. Just go out there and pitch until they come take me out.

Q. You have pitched on big stages going all the way back to the Little League World Series, college, last year out of the bullpen at the World Series. How does that prepare you for your first start in the postseason?

LANCE LYNN: It gives me a lot of things to kind of look back on, so nothing should be any different. Tomorrow will be my first start, but I made quite a few postseason appearances out of the bullpen, and deeper in ballgames with a lot of runners on base. I'll just try to control myself, enjoy the moment and just go out and pitch.

Q. How much momentum do you think your team has after that incredible comeback they had the other night?

LANCE LYNN: I hope a lot. Coming back from six down and ending up winning the game and advancing like that. Hopefully it gives us a lot of confidence and we can play well and carry on from that. Hopefully we don't get ourselves in that kind of a hole again. But for the offense to do what they did was fun last night.

Q. What's the biggest difference you've noticed in the transition from Dave Duncan to Derek Lilliquist?

LANCE LYNN: For me there's not been that much of a difference. I spent more time with Derek last year in the bullpen. Duncan was more on game preparation and things like that. And I only had two starts last year with him, so I didn't really get a whole lot of insight there because when you're a rookie coming up, they tell you to throw what Yadi calls (laughter).

But they have a lot of similarities. Duncan was great. Lilly is learning, and he's doing a great job with us. And he's helped me a lot this year. I've had more time with him. I would love to have had more time with Dunc, but Dunc did a great job and Derek is doing a great job for us this year.

Q. Just wonder if you could take us from the 9th inning last night on to the celebration and the plane ride and the emotions that went all the way through.

LANCE LYNN: Yeah, I mean when you're down two going into the 9th with their closer on who's throwing the ball his best he's thrown it all year you're hoping to make something happen. To be able to score four there, get a two run lead, that was awesome. They just kept battling, bat after bat. And it was fun to watch. I'm glad I wasn't pitching against them because they seemed to be taking everything close and anything that was on the plate they were putting good swings on it.

And then going in to celebrate when you look up in the third inning, you're down 6 0, you can't help but think how are we going to come back and do this, and if we can. And to be able to get all the way back and win, there's no better feeling than that because it's a game that you move on. And to come back at someone else's place to beat them is about as good as it gets.

Q. Were you guys partying on the plane or were you exhausted?

LANCE LYNN: No, looking at 2:00 in the morning before we get on the plane, and family with us, everybody was ready to go to sleep, knowing that we're going to have a workout today and get ready to play tomorrow.

Q. Your right infield has a lot of local ties, Descalso grew up on the peninsula, Allen Craig played at Cal. What are things that you have seen that maybe people don't know or have forgotten?

LANCE LYNN: Allen Craig did hit with the best of them. I don't think I think a lot of people don't realize that about him. He's a great hitter. He's been one of those guys that just has to keep proving and proving how good he is. He hasn't stopped. And that just shows what kind of determination he has to be a great player.

And Descalso is that guy that you want out there with you every time because you know that he's going to make that play or come up with that big hit because he's always trying to outwork the next guy and always going to get dirty. Not afraid to dive for a ball or anything like that.

They're two good players to have and they both mean a lot to our team and they both work hard every day.

Q. Can you give us some thoughts on the Giants lineup, maybe a little bit on your approach and who you're focusing on in your preparation to pitch?

LANCE LYNN: I haven't looked at the lineup. That's something that I was planning on doing today, but we just arrived, so I haven't seen much. We didn't get in until 7:00 in the morning.

Q. On the Giants hitters, who are you guys thinking about?

LANCE LYNN: Posey, Sandoval, Pence, Pagan, Belt (laughter).

Q. More pressure coming into a game with a couple of guys on, late inning situation or starting Game 1 of an LCS. Kind of take me through some of your thought process on that.

LANCE LYNN: My guess is I can tell you tomorrow after the game (laughter).

Starting is something I've done my whole life. So I feel like that's going to be easier than last year. Last year I came into games when I hadn't pitched in two months coming off an injury, so I was pretty excited. I was just hoping to have some success. I hadn't thrown to a hitter in two months.

This year I've started games, relieved games, done it all over the last two years. So I'm sure tomorrow won't be any different than any other time.

Q. With that 7 a.m. arrival, how tired are you right now and what kind of effect do you think it will have on you tomorrow?

LANCE LYNN: Shouldn't be a big deal. If we played today that wouldn't be fun. But it's part of the game. We've done it all year. We've had late arrivals with playing that same day. So with a day off today, playing tomorrow shouldn't be a big deal at all.