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Oct. 13 Ned Yost interview

Q. How does this affect your starting rotation?

NED YOST:  Guthrie will throw tomorrow. And then we'll look at it from there.

Q. How does this affect your starting rotation?

NED YOST:  Guthrie will throw tomorrow. And then we'll look at it from there.

Q. Any chance you bump Shields up?

NED YOST:  There's a chance, but, again, we'll look at it tomorrow.

Q. What are the different factors of play in choosing that Game 4 starter?

NED YOST:  Well, Shields can come back on 5 or if we feel we want to give him an extra day, we can do that, too.

Q. Can you talk about the difference in your bullpen now, more like a regular season with potential at five days in a row?

NED YOST:  It gets a little more like regular season. Again, you know, we communicate every day with our relievers. We would make sure that Wade Davis and Herrera generally during the season weren't pitching unless we were tied or ahead. That's apt to change. We'll still pitch them if we're down one, maybe down two. With our offense swinging the bats pretty good, still gives us a chance to hold the score and get us back in it.

We pushed them a number of times late in the season to two and three days in a row and they responded fine. If we can score some runs and get a little bit of a lead it's easier. You can get around using those guys, but generally our games are so tight that it's hard not to use them. We'll just go day to day with it.

Q. What's it meant for your coaching staff to have Mike Jirschele on it, and specifically his relationship helping develop guys, having managed them in the minors?

NED YOST:  The thing that we have that's so special about our coaching staff, No. 1, they're all really, really smart baseball people. Two, they all communicate great with the players. And Jirsch has been with those kids from the minute that they were signed. He knows them inside and out. He's got a great relationship with each and every one of those guys. He's deeply respected by everybody in that locker room and he's paid his dues and they know that.

But he's been a phenomenal addition, as had Don Wakamatsu and Dave Sveum to our staff this year. Pedro Grifol was here last year, and we reassigned his position and he's been phenomenal on the bench with me and Wak.

Q. You guys have weathered all kinds of different weather, you've pitched in rain, sat and waited, gone through rain delays, nothing affects you. The fans have been waiting breathlessly to see if this starts in Kansas City. Is there a disappointment when you have to push it back a day?

NED YOST:  Of course there is. We had our off‑day yesterday. We were ready to play today. Again, I know I can't, and I know none of those players in the locker room can control the weather, so you deal with it. You take situations as they come and you adjust to them and move forward. We were looking forward to playing today, but we'll go home, get a good night's sleep and look forward to playing tomorrow.

Q. Your player Dyson expressed faith that you guys could end it here and win the series in Kansas City. Do you share that faith and if so, why?

NED YOST:  I look to win tomorrow. That's what I look to do. My focus has never gone past the next day. Again, I know that's an outstanding baseball team in the other locker room. I know they're extremely well coached. They've got a tremendous offense. They've got a tremendous bullpen, like we do. And my whole focus is trying to find a way to win a ballgame tomorrow. I don't think of anything else.

Q. Is there anything in particular you do to try to minimize the impact of sort of losing this continuity? You just try to treat it normally. Is there anything else to be done?

NED YOST:  No, I think you guys are maybe putting a little too much into that. These guys, they're ready to play. They're ready to play. We can't play today. They'll be ready to play tomorrow. They know this is the postseason. They know what's at stake. And they were anxious to play, but they'll be anxious to go tomorrow.

Q. Did you talk to Dyson or anybody else about making brash comments?


Q. Will your decision on Shields for Game 4 depend largely on whether or not you win or lose Game 3?

NED YOST:  No, I'll probably make my decision sometime tomorrow before the game.

Q. Anything new, further update with Ventura?

NED YOST:  He's feeling good. He's a funny kid. A lot of guys will call you Skip, but ever since I've known him he's called me Ned Yo. I said, How you feeling today? And he said, Ned Yo, I'm feeling great. 

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