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Oct. 15 Bruce Bochy postgame interview


Q.  How is Scutaro, we understand he left for an MRI or some such, what's your early prognosis for down the road?

BRUCE BOCHY:  He had x‑rays.  They were negative.  He was pretty sore there, he had to come out of the game.  We'll do some more tests tomorrow and see where he's at.  We're hoping for the best.  I can answer it better tomorrow once we have him evaluated.

Q.  With that in mind, could you talk about his resolve to stay in the game, even though he was hit hard and how he came through?

BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, shows you how tough he is.  I really think they got away with an illegal slide there.  That rule was changed a while back.  And he really didn't hit dirt until he was past the bag.  Marco was behind the bag and got smoked.  It's a shame somebody got hurt because of this.  And that's more of a roadblock.  That rule was changed.  And again, we're hoping he comes out of this okay.  He got hit pretty good.  And that's a big guy running.  Again, I'll know more tomorrow.

Q.  Was it his hip or his stomach?

BRUCE BOCHY:  His left hip.  And x‑rays were negative, but I think we're going to do an MRI tomorrow, I believe.  I'm not certain of that.  And once we get to St. Louis we'll see how he's doing and where he's at.  And again we're hoping that he's good to go.

Q.  Could you get a sense that he was really hurting when he got that hit.  And what's it say about him to battle through that?

BRUCE BOCHY:  Yeah, I didn't see the slide when it happened.  I was watching the play at first.  It was a bang, bang play there.  And then I realized what happened there.  He was hurting.  You could see him hobbling a little bit.  When he goes out and gets a big hit and plays well, but as the game went on, gradually it got worse.  He had to come out of the game.  And Theriot did a nice job, got a big hit for us.

Q.  Was he in a lot of pain when he was up at‑bat?

BRUCE BOCHY:  Oh, yeah, yeah, it was bothering him quite a bit.  And it finally got to a point that he said I can't move out there, so we had to take him out.

Q.  Obviously Vogelsong pitched beautifully.  Probably the best of any starter in the postseason so far.  Could you comment on that.

BRUCE BOCHY:  Great stuff.  Great command.  The second inning had one guy 0‑2 walk and double there by Carpenter, but really settled down.  He gave us what we needed.  We've been looking for a quality start, a great start and really helped out the bullpen and just a gutty effort.  He's been throwing the ball well.  Carried that into today's game and really had all his pitches going and was locating well.  Logged some pitches there early, but he got on track and got us deep in the game.  He was done after 7, but ‑‑ and that's quite an effort by him, and an effort we needed.

Q.  I hate to harp on this, but you did seem a bit ticked off about that slide.  The team, as well.

BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, sure.  I mean, we've got our second baseman hurt.  And again, he was behind the bag.  And you hate to see that happen.  You're all for playing hard.  We are.  But again, hoping for good news here with Marco.

Q.  Going on to the pitching, did you use Romo because he had not pitched?

BRUCE BOCHY:  He's had three days off.

Q.  And wouldn't pitch again for another couple of days?

BRUCE BOCHY:  With tomorrow off I decided to go with Sergio.  You hate for those guys to take too much time off, they lose their edge a little bit.

Q.  How important was Angel's leadoff home run to get you guys the early lead, get on the board early?

BRUCE BOCHY:  It was nice getting a lead.  It didn't last long, but still something we needed.  We did it in Cincinnati, he hit a home run there to get us going and he did tonight.  So it's always good to get an early lead there.

We had good at‑bats though throughout the game.  Guys really battled hard.  Got some breaks, and the balls weren't hit hard and we benefited from them, but you take it.  And it's good to get some breaks.  But, again, it's good when your lead‑off hitter starts the game off with a home run.

Q.  I know Ryan is going to talk a little bit about this, but I'd like to get your thoughts.  Obviously this is a big game for him, biggest game of his career, probably.  And we didn't know coming into the postseason how effective and how good he was going to be.  Can you talk a little bit about that and also how much it effects him and you and the team to see him get this good after all he's been through?

BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, I mean, this was a big game.  I think the last one he threw in Cincinnati was pretty big, too.  We came into postseason throwing the ball well.  He had his little bump in the road there in September, but came out of that.  And his last couple of starts before we started this he was throwing the ball well.  He was back on track.  And for the most part this season he was as consistent as anybody on the staff as far as quality starts.  He was battling some mechanics there, and then got on track.

You're right, this is a big game.  We lost two in the last series, and that's the last thing we wanted to do is go in St. Louis down two games.  And he came through for us.  He won the game for us.  He got us deep in the game and got us a quality start which we needed sorely.  It's just nice to have him on track throwing the ball the way he is.  When he's on top of his game he's tough.