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Oct. 21: Tyler Clippard Pregame Interview

Q. When you're up 3-0 and you're battling the mindset of just one more, how do you avoid falling into a state where it's like, well, we can let this one go and still have three more chances?

TYLER CLIPPARD: Well, as players, we have the luxury of the game, and as competitors when you're out there, you don't think about the series and what the series is at. You're in the moment and you're trying to win the game. So from that aspect, it makes it pretty easy to just go out there and do your job and try to get it done. And that's what we've done each and every night. We have a lot of confidence that we're going to win every time we get out there. So tonight's more of the same, and that's how we're going to approach it.

Q. Terry's used a lot of different combinations in the bullpen this postseason. I'm just curious if you could comment on how he's done that, and everything seems to have worked so far?

TYLER CLIPPARD: Yeah, he's -- I think it's just a testament to the mindset of the players in the sense that we're out there for one goal. We're trying to win.

So whatever role he wants us to pitch in, we're happy to do that. When you have all 25 guys on the same page, it makes it easy when the manager wants to do anything, whatever that may be, using starters out of the bullpen and maybe a reliever in a different role or whatever the case may be. We're all out there for one goal, and when you all get on the same page like that, like we are right now, it makes it pretty easy to kind of get out there and get the job done. That's what we have going on right now.