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Oct. 23 Alcides Escobar postgame interview

Q. Esky, the emotion of getting back a second straight time. How does this feel compared to last year?

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: Feeling pretty good compared to last year. Last year we are really a good team and this year, again, a really great team. And those guys, like I say, every day a lot of talent in the clubhouse, everybody is playing hard. That's why I think we won.

Q. What does it mean to you to be the MVP of this?

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: For me it's a surprise. I know I'm playing really good and my team are playing really good team, together we play. And when I heard the news, I was so happy for that.

Q. How hard was the rain delay? They kind of shocked you I think to come back right before the rain delay. What did you guys do while you waited?

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: Just stay in the batting cage, just talking about the game, say, Now tie game. We just need one run, and then over. And that happened.

Q. What do you know about the Mets?

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: It's a really good team. Really good pitching over there. They sweeping the Cubs. Right now they're coming back, and the best team starting home.

Q. What did you do as soon as the last out was made?

ALCIDES ESCOBAR: I'm so happy when I see the ground ball to third base, game over.

The Blue Jays are really a good team, really good guys over there, too. I mean Gibbons, the manager, he's been here from 2010, 2012, really good guy, too. And those guys played really hard. Everybody knows one of the best teams in the League.