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Oct. 23 Mike Napoli postgame interview

Q. You have great career World Series numbers, it seems like. Is there anything specifically you attribute that to or is it just the way it's worked out?

MIKE NAPOLI:  Yeah, I think it's just the way it worked out. I love this stage. It's in the spotlight. I really enjoy this time of year, I guess. But it's just going out there and getting the job done.

Q. After that call was reversed, the fans were going nuts. You come up and you seize the moment with a big hit. Could you talk about seizing the moment there?

MIKE NAPOLI:  Yeah, bases loaded, I'm just trying to get the ball up in the air to the outfield in that situation. I got myself into a good hitter's count, and got a pitch I can handle to drive out there.

Q. Does what happened in 2011, does that play in your mind a little?

MIKE NAPOLI:  No, not really. The main thing was trying to get back here. But I think it's nice being able to play against them. They took a world championship away from me. But it doesn't have anything to do with anything, just trying to win a World Series.

Q. Can you talk about having a money pitcher in Jon Lester. And talk about his effect on the game and potentially the series.

MIKE NAPOLI:  Yeah, he's been doing it all year. He's a big‑time pitcher. We have all the confidence in the world when he's out there throwing the baseball. He did a great job tonight, we were able to get him a couple of runs early. And he settled in and pitched awesome.

Q. Was there any sense of surprise on your part that the call was overturned?

MIKE NAPOLI: Yeah, you rarely see that, especially on a stage like this. But I think that was good for the game. If everyone can get together, and they saw something different and get it right, I think it's something that should be done all the time.

Yeah, the play was the right call and just went from there.

Q. Can you just talk about how sometimes there's a game where everything goes right for you. Maybe on the other side they're saying everything went wrong. Can you talk about when everything is clicking, the confidence this team has, the importance of getting off to this big start?

MIKE NAPOLI:  Yeah, I think we're a confident group, no matter what. But I think you've got to take advantage of the opportunities you get in a game. We've been able to do that all playoffs. And that's what it's about. A lot of things went right for us, but we've got to take advantage of those opportunities and we did.

Q. There are some of us who like to call you a streaky hitter, but you've come up with big hits lately. Can you explain what makes you so comfortable at the plate, anything that lends to that?

MIKE NAPOLI:  Just grind through every at‑bat. I'm able to forget about an at‑bat to my next at‑bat. You can't dwell when you get out; just go up there and have a plan and try to execute as best as possible. I just go up there, and I'm confident every time I go up there, even if I struck out the last time. I always feel like I'm going to get a hit.