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Oct. 25 Bruce Bochy pregame interview

Q. Do you think your team has difficulty, right now, feeling that they have to win the game in the first five innings against the Royals?

BRUCE BOCHY: We don't think like that. I mean, it's a nine-inning game, and we know what a great bullpen they have. But you can't think like that. Now, you're defeated if you don't have the lead going into [the sixth, seventh]. So granted, you got your work cut out against that bullpen. But I think history shows if you score early, odds are in your favor anyway. I don't care who you play. But we don't think like that.

Q. Some of the Royals seem to think that that infield dirt was a little wet yesterday. Did you see it that way?

BRUCE BOCHY: You know, I heard that. I didn't notice. I'm being honest. I didn't see it. I didn't notice, but somebody did mention that to me. I think somebody else -- when we played Washington -- mentioned that, too. But I didn't notice.

Q. Honestly, would you have any input on something like that, if you see the dirt looks a little dry or a little wet?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, if I don't think it's playable -- sure, I would have input. But, honestly, I didn't say anything about the infield or do something. I'm being honest.

Q. Did you like the approaches, maybe, from your main guys, [Pablo] Sandoval, [Buster] Posey against the bullpen? Do you think they were close? Do you think some adjustments need to be made?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, they're tough adjustments against the pitching we're seeing. But, at the same time, as a player, you look forward to competing against the best -- and that's what we are doing. We're playing the best team in the American League and competing against the best bullpen, also. So if you're down a run, you've got to look forward to trying to find a way to get a run there. I don't know if "looking forward" is the word, but thinking, "Hey, we've got to compete here and find a way to get on base."

As far as their at-bats, we haven't had a lot of success. But they're good hitters. But the old adage is good pitching is going to shut down good hitting, and they did that yesterday.

Q. You might have put your lineup out already, but [are there] any adjustments with left field or any other moves?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, I have [Juan] Perez in left field. Now, I had an option there with [Michael] Morse. He has not been out there in two months, and the wind is blowing pretty good out there now. I did check on the wind around game time; it's still going to be blowing. It's going to calm down a little bit, but there are going to be some gusts out there. So I just decided to keep Morse on the bench. I could have gone to first base; he hasn't been there in a couple months, either. I mean, he's taken ground balls and things, but he's done a pretty good job coming off the bench in key situations. So we're going to keep him there tonight. He's ready to go.

Q. Besides the defense, of course, of Perez, could you talk a little bit about what he's done for you defensively -- especially in the [National League] Championship Series?

BRUCE BOCHY: The kid has been swinging better. I think his confidence has grown with increased playing time. I think he's handling himself well in this postseason now. We've called on him to bunt and do some things. He had a good swing last night, and that was part of the reasoning why he's out in left field tonight -- because I think he looks more comfortable. But, if we're in a situation, I've got Morse on the bench and [Travis] Ishikawa now.

Q. When you pinch-hit Morse in the sixth last night, did you think about keeping him in the game? Is that something that maybe increases now, after you saw that at-bat?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, I actually, I almost double-switched with him a little bit earlier, but [Javier] Lopez got the last out. That's always a thought -- especially if you're behind. You try to keep your bats out there or find a way to get one more at-bat out of a guy who can be a game changer.

So that's always a thought when I do pinch-hit them.

Q. Posey has hit below .200 in the LCS and World Series combined. Are there any signs that would make you believe he's ready to do anything special or break out -- especially against a lefty today?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, I always feel Buster's going to have a good game. He's quite a talent. He's a good hitter. Like I said, we're facing some good pitching -- and he's hit some balls hard. First time up, I mean, he lines out to right field. He's lined to third base. He's made some hard outs. So part of this game is having a little luck and a break, but I think he's swinging fine. When he goes out there, we always expect him to do something good.

Q. I don't know if the leash for the starters could get any shorter than it's been in the postseason for everybody. But because of the nature of this game and chance for falling behind, would it be even shorter for [Ryan] Vogelsong today?

BRUCE BOCHY: Well, really, how he goes will dictate what I do. We have everybody available and in the bullpen. So my hope is he goes out there and he's on top of his game and he gets us somewhat deep in the game. But you're in the postseason, so you're right. Normally, the leash is a little bit shorter. But if he's throwing the ball well, he's staying out there.

Q. You were pretty adamant last night that in your opinion using Madison [Bumgarner] on short rest, even down in the series, was not going to be a good thing. Why did he alter his routine between starts -- so that option would be there?

BRUCE BOCHY: We didn't tell him to alter his routine. I think he wanted to keep that option open. Sometimes, these guys change their routine a little bit. They may not take a side, a bullpen. But we weren't going to change our course.

Vogey and Madison are going to pitch in these two games. Both of them are very important games, so we weren't going to move Madison up and change his routine or Vogey's. So there was nothing for me or Rags [pitching coach Dave Righetti] or anything we said to change his routine.

Q. How much has outfield defense impacted the series, and will it going forward? You've made some good plays and the Royals seem to track down a lot.

BRUCE BOCHY: I think it's made a huge impact on the series. That's what defense will do for you, and they've done a great job. [Lorenzo] Cain's had not just a great year, but he's had a great series. He made some nice catches. [Hunter] Pence made a great catch yesterday, [Gregor] Blanco. When you catch a ball in the outfield or you make a mistake, those are game changing plays -- and that's one reason why I had Perez out there, because he's been out there. And like I said, the wind is blowing a little bit, so we think we have our best defense out there tonight.

Q. Considering your pitching, would you stay in rotation if this series goes the distance with [Jake] Peavy and [Tim] Hudson in [Games] 6 and 7?

BRUCE BOCHY: Right, yeah. We wouldn't change anything.

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