Oct. 26 Terry Francona postgame interview

October 27th, 2016

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Terry Francona.

Q. Did you get an explanation about what happened on that first relay?

TERRY FRANCONA: You mean the ball to right field?

Q. Yeah.

TERRY FRANCONA: I think Lonnie thought he had a chance at second. Probably we were set up to go home. That's probably where the ball should have gone. I think Lonnie thought that the runner conceded the run and thought he had a legitimate chance to get him and actually came pretty close.

Q. You guys have been so fundamentally sound all year, how surprising was it to see Kipnis have kind of an off-night with the two errors?

TERRY FRANCONA: Yeah, we gave up nine hits, eight walks, two errors, and we only gave up five runs. We're probably pretty fortunate because there was traffic all night. For us to win, we generally need to play a clean game, and we didn't do that.

Kip will be fine.

Q. What were your impressions of Trevor tonight? He seemed to labor some early.

TERRY FRANCONA: Yeah, I thought partially -- well, they never let him settle into the game. You've got to give them a lot of credit. I thought in the first inning Rizzo had a really good at-bat. As a staff in general, we worked behind a lot tonight a lot more than is helpful. I think some of their hitters deserve credit for that, also. They didn't chase. They had a lot of deep counts. Shoot, I think it was until we got to Otero we didn't have anything less than 19 pitches for seven innings, that's tough.

Q. I wonder what you thought of Salazar, and would you consider starting him down the road?

TERRY FRANCONA: Well, that wasn't why we pitched him. We pitched him to try to keep the game where it was and to shake off some rust. I think we were able to do that, because you could see that the ball came out really well, but he wasn't commanding great.

I think there's potentially five games left. I think we're probably better served using him out of the bullpen.

Q. Knowing what you know about hitting, what do you think about what Schwarber's done?

TERRY FRANCONA: I think he's really good. I can see why Theo sent a plane for him. I would, too. That's a lot to ask, but special players can do special things.

Q. Just overall with the rotation, how challenging has it been just to navigate through everything, between Bauer's finger, losing some key starters at points? It's kind of showed vulnerability tonight with Bauer's outing.

TERRY FRANCONA: I think we knew playing the Cubs we're going to get challenged just because they're really good. The things that have happened, physical things, you just do the best you can and you try to win the game. That's kind of what we always do.

They beat us tonight. It wasn't because somebody had a bad finger. They just played better than us tonight.

Q. How was the weather?


Q. A balmy 43?

TERRY FRANCONA: It was cold. I mean, it was so cold I tried to go to the bathroom in the fourth inning and I couldn't (laughter). That's tells you enough.