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Oct. 28 Juan Lagares pregame interview

Q. Juan, how have you been able to maintain your swing when you've been playing on and off during the postseason?

JUAN LAGARES: Well, I always try to stay positive and I try to stay in the mentality where I'm always ready to go. I always try to stay prepared, just knowing anything can happen.

Q. How have you been able to cope with the fact that you don't play as much as you used to? You did win a Gold Glove last year and have been a guy who has been on the rise. Now you have to deal with a new role. How have you been able to cope with it and deal with it?

JUAN LAGARES: It's come with its difficulties, but like I said before, I stay positive, I work really hard and that way when I get those opportunities where I can kind of try to show my stuff, I don't take them for granted, I know what an opportunity it is to show what I've got, so they know that I'm ready to go.

Q. It was obviously a tough loss last night, a game that you've ordinarily been winning with Familia out there. How do you feel like the team spirits are heading into the second game?

JUAN LAGARES: As you're saying, it was a tough loss. But today we sort of put that aside and we've come in with a positive energy and ready to just tackle today. Last night was tough, we were neck and neck. But again, put that aside and ready to go for today.

Q. When and how did you find out you were starting in tonight's game? I know you didn't get a lot of innings out there yesterday, but how did you find the outfield here in this ballpark compared to other parks?

JUAN LAGARES: I found out today when I came in, I looked at the lineup. But regardless of that, I always just come ready to play. So it didn't really take me by surprise or anything like that.

As for the field, it is very big. I can definitely see the ball having a hard time getting out there. It's a tough place to hit some home runs. It is very big.

Q. Last night you were very productive, although you didn't start the game. Can you talk about the emotions of starting for the first time in your career a World Series game today?

JUAN LAGARES: There was definitely a little bit of nerves going out there, but really, it's just a lot of excitement. This is what I've worked hard for and this is what we come to do. I was very proud to be able to go out there and help out the team with whatever I could.

One of the teams had to lose, and unfortunately it was us. But I'm happy to have gone out and done my part and done whatever I could.

Q. Can you take us through the nine-pitch at-bat that you had against Herrera last night. Obviously he hit triple digits a few times and you were fouling off these really tough pitches. Can you give us a sense of what that was like?

JUAN LAGARES: So they had told me ahead of time that if I went in and Conforto still had an at-bat, I'd be going in and playing defense. It gave me time to go in the cage and just prep and go through my whole routine of exercises. So I came out there and I think I was ready to go, but that guy throws hard.

Q. It's a very windy day. Is there anything different that you do to prepare to play in a park with a lot of wind?

JUAN LAGARES: So that's what I really focus on when I'm at practice. Today I'll go out there and I'll get a feel for what's going on with the wind, how the ball is carrying. That's really where I'll focus most of my energy on when we're out there.

Q. How?

JUAN LAGARES: You just know when you're at BP, you just see how the ball is moving around out there.