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Oct. 3 Fredi Gonzalez postgame interview

Q. When you look back tonight on Medlen's performance, will you look at it as the defense didn't really support him or maybe he was a little bit shaky at times?

FREDI GONZALEZ: I think it was a little bit of both. I thought there was a couple plays that we could have made, first inning, and also second inning. I'm sorry, not the first inning. Second and third inning.

I think we got a couple of, what, two out RBIs a couple times that really put a dagger in your offense. But it's maybe a combination of guys being a little bit over amped a little bit. We had a baserunning mistake, it got us there, kind of doubled up. But for me I think that the guys were just a little amped up there in that situation.

I thought our bullpen was terrific, covered five innings, gave up two hits, one run. I thought offensively we had a nice game plan against Kershaw, we just couldn't get the base hit. We were patient at the plate, we were keeping the pitch count up, and he never gave us an opportunity. We had some people on base and then he made some pitches.

Q. When you say over amped, would you --

FREDI GONZALEZ: Excited. Excited. That's what I mean.

Q. Does that maybe lead Jason a throw at the plate? In other words he allows the runner to go to second there, mistakes there, maybe Gattis is able to play the ball in front of him?

FREDI GONZALEZ: Little things like that. Guys were excited, and rightfully so. It was a big game. I had to check myself a little bit in the dugout, and I can imagine those guys playing in front of a good crowd, against the National League West champion.

And hopefully come out tomorrow and play a little better baseball, a little calmed down, and it might give us a good opportunity to win the game.

Q. Do you think having one game under your belt now will make it a little bit easier to come out tomorrow perhaps not quite so amped, a little bit earlier start time tomorrow?

FREDI GONZALEZ: I think so. And including myself, when I say I'm going to make this statement: We've got a lot guys out there maybe first time, second game in the postseason, and myself included. I think it took us about two or three innings to kind of settle down a little bit.

And then you saw some good at bats. You saw our bullpen, what they've done all year, gave up one run to cover five innings, that's pretty darned good.

Hopefully tomorrow come out and Mikey gives us a good chance to win the game.

Q. Was there some nervousness?

FREDI GONZALEZ: No, I don't think nervousness. We spoke about it already. 163rd game, what's new, right?

I think we were excited, all of us. All of us were excited. Come out tomorrow and play a little better baseball.

Q. Can you just make a comment tonight about the fan support and the noise?

FREDI GONZALEZ: It was good. It was really exciting, it really was. Right from the very beginning, right from the very first pitch, right from introductions guys were -- the fans were -- it was a nice game to play in front of our fans. It just didn't turn out the way we wanted it to turn out.

Q. You all drove up Kershaw's pitch count pretty well. He had 77 through four innings, and you only had three strikeouts until the fifth. Did you feel like at that time you were still in the game and had a chance against him even though you were down that far?

FREDI GONZALEZ: Absolutely, and that was our game plan. Make him pitch a little bit and you're absolutely right, when you look up and you see 77 pitches in the third inning, fourth inning, you feel like you have a chance. But he is what he is, he turned it up the next three or four innings and we didn't really get good swings at him. But offensively I thought we had a good game plan, we followed it, we were patient.

We had some people on base, but we had 1-2 out RBI out of Chris Johnson, and that's pretty much all we got out of him.