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Oct. 3 J.J. Hardy and Kevin Gausman postgame interview

THE MODERATOR: We have J.J. Hardy and Kevin Gausman coming up right now. Questions for Kevin or J.J.?

Q. J.J., what was the feeling there in the eighth inning today when you guys saw Joba coming into the game?

J.J. HARDY:  I think it all started when we got a base runner, when Jonesy got on base, you started to feel the momentum shifting a little bit. And Steve Pearce getting a big hit there, just kind of a good feeling, and, like, we were starting to see, you know, a chance there.

Q. Kevin, can you describe how you were feeling your first postseason game coming into that situation?

KEVIN GAUSMAN:  A little anxious, definitely. Once I started warming up, I felt pretty good right away. Usually it takes me a good amount to get loose, but, you know, two throws and I was ready to go, ready to get in there.

But, yeah, I felt good once I got in the game, just tried to establish the fastball in and go from there.

Q. J.J., when you guys signed Delmon, he didn't have much of a track record as a pinch-hitter. He's 10-for-20 in the regular season and then today. How incredible is that for you to see a guy do it at that kind of a clip?

J.J. HARDY:  It's been fun to watch this year. I saw him in 2010 in Minnesota the whole year, and he's always been a good hitter. But pinch-hitting, we look at each other in the dugout after he gets a big hit, and we're like, How does he do that after not seeing a live pitch for five or six days and then just come in and hit a pitch like that down the line, it's unbelievable.

Q. Both of you, J.J., you're usually involved in them, and, Kevin, you were on the mound when that occurred, that double play in the fifth inning after you scored a run. Do you see many double plays like that?

J.J. HARDY:  With Flaherty diving? I actually dove for that ball, too, so I didn't get to see how good Schoopy turned it. Ryan Flaherty made a great turn, showed a lot of range and Schoopy with his quick release, impressive.

Q. Kevin?

KEVIN GAUSMAN:  I didn't dive, so I saw it all. But it was incredible. Right when he dove, I thought maybe, All right, we'll get the lead runner and with Schoopy's arm, I feel like we always have a chance.

So it was a pretty big play for us.

Q. You guys are 2-0 going into Detroit, how much of a lift is that and do you feel like you have the confidence going in?

J.J. HARDY:  It's nice, but at the same time, we've got to stay focused and take care of business. Just because we're up two games doesn't mean the series is over. So we gotta stay focused.

KEVIN GAUSMAN:  That was pretty good! (Laughter.)

Q. Kevin, when Buck came and got you, did you think you were sort of out of gas at that point in time, mid-50s in pitches?

KEVIN GAUSMAN:  No, you know, I think it was just a match-up thing. I think Brad coming in, I think he has a better slider than me and I think he was going for him for that reason.

Brad has been great for us all year and continues to be, so, yeah, I felt good. I've been a starter the whole year, so 50-some pitches is usually about fifth, sixth inning, hopefully.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, guys. Good luck in Detroit.