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Oct. 3 Kris Medlen postgame interview

Q. Did this one feel a little bit like last year? I know you're not going to throw the defense under the bus, but with a little bit more support things might have been different?

KRIS MEDLEN: No. I mean, I think I need to make better pitches. I think it was one of those games where I felt like I came out strong. It was probably one of the coolest first innings I've ever thrown with the crowd and whatever else. I think it was just one of those games where even when I felt like I made pitches, they still found places to put them.

They're a great team, and when you have an opposing pitcher on the mound who is as good as Kershaw, I mean, there's not a lot of room for error, and I had a lot of error tonight. Obviously frustrating, but that's the beauty of there being a series rather than just a one game thing, and I think it's a lot different than last year.

Q. Fredi was saying he felt like guys were over amped. Do you think that's fair?

KRIS MEDLEN: I don't think so. I think we came in as normal as I guess you can be. Like I said, knowing the kind of pitcher you're about to face, obviously I think you are aware of his skill level. But other than that, I mean, I really felt like a normal kind of a thing other than starting extremely late tonight. But for the most part, it felt like a normal game. We had a great crowd, and they really showed up and they were loud, which was good. But I just think the game comes down to me. If you don't give up any runs, you don't lose. We got one off Kershaw, and if I put up zeros, it should be good enough, but it wasn't tonight.

Q. The pitch that González hit out, the changeup he hit --

KRIS MEDLEN: Yeah, I started off with a changeup the first at bat, he swung and missed. We tried to do the same exact thing. I almost let it go knowing he was sitting on it. I let it go thinking if I executed it, I could still get him to roll it over or whatever it is. It's been a successful pitch for me and something I've been relying on the entire year.

But he's one of the best hitters in the game, Adrian González. It was an 0 0 changeup, but it was a very bad 0-0 changeup. And he put a really good swing on it, and for someone to take it dead center like that, he's got a good swing. I wish I could have got on base to tell him how good his swing is for him.

Q. If y'all are able to push this to your next turn to a fourth or fifth game, what would you take away from this one for your next one? Anything you'd do differently?

KRIS MEDLEN: I don't think so. Obviously I need to change something, but we and Mac had a game plan and we tried to execute it as well as possible. Like I said, when I made pitches, I felt like they put them in good spots and made some decent swings on them. But for the most part, they're a good team, and with no room for error. You can't give Kershaw any room.

Q. I know you said it felt a lot different than last year, but was there any kind of sense of déjà vu?

KRIS MEDLEN: It's baseball. You feel good one moment and then you can still feel good and give up hits. Like I've said twice, I felt like I made some good pitches to some guys. And I felt like Puig's singles, any time you can keep him in the park it's a success. I feel like I made good pitches and went in with a lot of confidence in every pitch that I threw. But for the most part, they put some good things on some balls and some other ones didn't go my way, our way. But any time you have a guy like Kershaw, like I said, he's obviously the game's best, and you can't mess up like that.