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Oct. 3: Matt Williams postgame interview

Q. How was Strasburg today? And how surprising was it to see Ramos' passed ball?

MATT WILLIAMS:  I think Stras was good. Gave us a chance. Jake was really good today. We had some opportunities. We take that every single day of the week. An opportunity with guys out there, middle of our order up. Today it didn't happen.

I think Stras pitched fine.

Q. What was that game like for you, especially in the sixth inning there? There is a lot of pitchers coming in, a lot of decisions made or could not be made. What was your playoff debut like, especially in the sixth inning with all of that going on?

MATT WILLIAMS:  It is not different than any other game in that regard. We tried to match up as best we could. We got out of some jams and gave ourselves a chance.

The atmosphere is fantastic. A lot of folks here, cheering for us. You know, that part of it was good. We couldn't get it done today. We have another one tomorrow. It will be here before we know it. We will have to Buckle down and concentrate on that one.

Q. You are hardly the first team to lose by one to the Giants, when they have a million singles. Is that typical of how they play when they play well?

MATT WILLIAMS:  Yes. They defend well, they have speed, they have some power. They have the ability, with veteran hitters in the middle of their lineup that are battle tested, to drive runs in.

We saw that with Buster today. You know, they are tough to beat. We will see if we can give them a run tomorrow. And we have one of our best going again. We will see if we can get them tomorrow.

Q. The opportunities you got late in the game, with runners in scoring position, what did you think about the approach and in particular Desmond's two at bats?

MATT WILLIAMS:  That's fine. He has never seen Strickland. He throws a hundred. Those are pretty good fastballs. And Romo takes the ball from the plate, away from the plate. It is difficult to lay off those pitches.

It is what it is. I would take that opportunity for Desi every day. He has been really big for us this year, hitting from that spot. Driven in a lot of runs for us. We will take that opportunity anytime we can get it.

Q. Giants obviously played the Wild Card game. You had a four day break. Do you think that played any role, especially offensively?

MATT WILLIAMS:  I don't think so. I think Jake was good. Throwing the ball to both corners, breaking balls in fastball counts, and vice versa. He is a veteran; he knows what he is doing. Made good pitches early.

Like I said, we had opportunities. One swing of the bat can mean the difference in our game today. It didn't happen. We will see if it can happen tomorrow.

Q. Matt, did it look to you like Stephen was too amped up?

MATT WILLIAMS:  He was good. Throwing strikes early. It wasn't that he was so excited that he wasn't throwing strikes. Worked through the first inning well. I think he pitched fine. For the first time for him, I think it was good.

Q. Leadoff double in the sixth that doesn't advance. Anything that you would do differently there? A tough base running decision, for Anthony, on LaRoche's flair to left. Do you think he could have gotten to third? Could he have been waved on?

MATT WILLIAMS:  We wouldn't do anything differently. We are down by two. Giving up an out there is not what we want to do. Then, of course, the ball that Adam hit, from that angle at first base is difficult to tell exactly where it is at. It goes up. He knows it is not hit very well, but Pablo is on that side of the diamond. You can tell at first base, it is not going to carry him necessarily. You can't tell exactly how far it is from it.

Again, he made a good decision not getting doubled off there. You know, it is a tough angle for him to read though, ball off the end of the bat like that.

Q. Between Bryce Harper's injuries and uneven season, the guy hits a bomb like that, it seems like he is still a guy for the moment. When he does something like that, does it energize the dugout?

MATT WILLIAMS:  Sure, especially in a game like that. We hadn't done much offensively till that point and he gave us a spark. Caby followed, and we had opportunities.

Of course, that gives you a spark any time things are not going your way in the course of a game, and somebody comes up with a big hit like that, sure.

Q. He's someone you clearly believe in in the moment?

MATT WILLIAMS:  He's someone I believe in, period. From Spring Training on, of course, he is one of our guys. He is an important piece for us.

Q. Matt, you obviously didn't have tons of opportunities. Is there something about the infrequency of opportunities in the postseason that makes you want to grab hold of the opportunities you did have today?

MATT WILLIAMS:  Of course. It is the same we like to do every day. You know, we are down to it. We have the first one to three games, so you want to take advantage of it. It doesn't mean it won't tomorrow, and doesn't mean it can't for the rest of the time we play these guys.

We keep grinding, keep doing what we do it. Look forward to the opportunity again tomorrow to get up. So, we will see what happens.

Q. Matt, second inning, Peavy put down a sacrifice bunt, Adam went to second.


Q. Is that okay with you, with Adam trying to get that lead runner at second?

MATT WILLIAMS:  He is very good at pace of game; knowing the runner, knowing how hard the bunt is bunted. It is one of those plays in the game where you want to be aggressive, certainly. You know, in hindsight if it was bunted again, I am sure he would have gone to first. In the heat of the moment, you want to get the lead runner.

He made a good throw. It was a really close play. Desi couldn't stretch for it. The ball was in the runner a bit. He had nowhere to go. If it comes from a different part of the diamond, you can stretch for that, you may get him. I have no problem with aggressive play at all.