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Oct. 4 Mike Minor postgame interview

Q. Not to get all specific right out of the box here, but the pitches that you struck out González on Uribe, a fastball and a knuckle curve, is that what they were?

MIKE MINOR:  Yeah, I don't know if it's a knuckle curve, but I guess it's the way I grip. Yeah, sinker to Adrian and then a curveball to Uribe.

Q.  What were the emotions tonight? Exactly what you expected? And did you think you handled them?

MIKE MINOR:  Yes, I think I was a lot more composed than initially what I thought when I was thinking about it all day today. I had a lot of anxiety.

But when I went out there and I was warming up, it all felt the same. We've had pretty big crowds this year on the weekends, and I told myself it was kind of like the same thing. With the buzz, it was just a buzz when you got up there. It's a lot easier for me to pitch with that kind of noise than smaller crowds where you can hear some guys yelling in the background at you.

Q.  Talk about coming out with a performance like you did tonight after the one you guys had last night, to go back to LA 1‑1.

MIKE MINOR:  Yeah, that's huge. We even it up, we go to LA. Obviously it's going to be tougher over there. But it's a big win. We really needed it. We needed to even it up. We're going into the next game feeling good.

Q.  You had allowed the walk and the double in the first inning there. What were your thoughts as you walked off the mound after the first and what changed after that?

MIKE MINOR:  It's kind of a blur, but I feel like initially I thought it was one of those first things again where I gave up another run, but I felt like I was pretty close to making some good pitches. I felt really good going into the next inning, and it wasn't like I was still trying to figure stuff out. I felt pretty good. I was just pretty much mad at myself for giving up that one run with a dominant pitcher, with going against Greinke.

Q.  You threw 40 pitches to get through the first two innings, but your guys tied it for you in the bottom of the second. Did that relax you, make you think that you're back to even keel here?

MIKE MINOR:  Yeah, I felt like the whole time our guys were taking great at‑bats, seeing the ball pretty well off of him. So when we scored one off of him and tied it back up, I felt like I need to go back out there and have a shutdown inning. Shutdown the rest of the time I'm out there and do the best I could and give our team, give our hitters, a chance to get another one on the board.

Q.  You have told us you guys were resilient all year. Coming off of what happened last night, is this another indication of what this team can do when their backs are against the wall?

MIKE MINOR:  Yeah, yeah, for sure. I don't feel like anybody ‑‑ it was down from last night. Initially we wanted to win the first game, but I don't think anybody came to this game thinking we were going to lose again. We all felt good going into the game, relaxed, had a good vibe in the clubhouse prior to the game, and now we're feeling really good after this win.

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