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Oct. 5 Julio Teheran workout day interview

Q. Can you just talk a little bit about your emotions going into this game? Does it feel like it's bigger than any game you've pitched in before? Are you trying to stay calm? Is that easy to do?

JULIO TEHERAN:  I feel really excited about this game. I never thought that I'm going to be in this situation this year in my first year. But I'm just trying to calm down myself and be focused on the game and try to do the same thing I've been doing.

Q. I just want to ask you about your two‑seamer. When did you start throwing that? What made you want to do it and who kind of helped you develop it?

JULIO TEHERAN:  Well, I started using my two‑seamer last off‑season, and I just started using it because I wanted something different for me, something that I can make the hitters think more. I just thought of it by myself.

Q. Was there a game this year or maybe even in the past that you felt like prepared you for what you're going to experience tomorrow night, whether it's the crowd, the match‑up, anything like that?

JULIO TEHERAN:  I never thought I was going to throw one game like tomorrow's game. But I'm just trying to think that I'm going to throw a regular game and like regular season and like a regular game season and just do my best and go out there and compete. Yeah, hopefully it's not the last one.

Q. I know you're going to have a great season this year. How do you think about Ryu tomorrow night? Are you going to match‑up with him? He also is a Major Leaguer like you, and just can you tell me how do you feel about matching up tomorrow with him?

JULIO TEHERAN:  Well, I feel the same thing that I feel the game that I faced Fernandez. We were competing for the Rookie of the Year, and I feel the same thing. I know that everybody's watching us, and trying to do my thing out there out there.

Q. Can you go back to November, December, how beneficial was that, and what did you take out of that meeting?

JULIO TEHERAN:  It was a big experience for me, because he was one of my idols. And he just was talking about the bad years that he had, and I was just trying to listen while he got through because I had a bad year my last season. I was just trying to focus on this one, and that's what he was telling me.