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Oct. 6 Jon Lester workout day interview

October 6, 2016

Q. You guys talk a lot about people, talk a lot about how you guys have the nucleus to contend for awhile with the young players and the mix of veterans. Do you guys, do the Giants have what this organization wants in the sense that they won a couple

Q. You guys talk a lot about people, talk a lot about how you guys have the nucleus to contend for awhile with the young players and the mix of veterans. Do you guys, do the Giants have what this organization wants in the sense that they won a couple World Series now and stuff, do they have like what you guys think you might be able to do down the line?
JON LESTER: I think that the Giants have what every team wants to do. They built from within, obviously starting pitching gets you a long ways. And they have been consistent. Every year they're in it. Every year they're contending, every year they have a chance to win the World Series. So I think that's what every team wants, not just us. I think they're an organization that a lot of teams look after to figure out how, why, how to get to that point. So, yeah, I mean it's a model of consistency, it's impressive to see what they do.

Q. How big an impact can the chess match between the managers have in a series like this?
JON LESTER: I think huge. Any time you got two baseball guys like we have across from each other, it can impact the game from pitch one. Boch has done it for a long time and I think, like I just got done saying, been very consistent at what he's done and obviously guys love playing for him and that shows on the field in their record and the World Series championships and all that. So, but you can't, I would imagine if Joe was asked this question, you can't worry about what the guy across the way is going to do, you have to try to manage your team and your personality, you can't try to manage their personnel. So I would imagine that's something for Joe and it will be impressive to watch how these next however many games are managed and hopefully it goes our way in the end.

Q. You guys have basically been on like hundred pitch counts for awhile now. Can that show up in a good way starting tomorrow? Are you feeling better than a year ago at this time?
JON LESTER: I don't know. I think Joe's done a good job with us. I know there's been times this year where we haven't been happy about coming out of games, but it's not our decision. He wanted us to be in a good position health wise and mentally, mental wise coming into this post-season. I feel like we have done a good job of that. But as far as comparing year to years, I don't know, I think every year is so unique you don't really, I try not to really remember how I felt last year, just trying to enjoy this moment and get my body ready and get my mind ready for tomorrow and worry about tomorrow.

Q. I think you've been here before, but what is it like to be the so-called favorite the favorite to win the World Series?
JON LESTER: I don't know. I don't know. It is what it is. It's just another title. It doesn't mean you're going to do anything. I've been on teams where first day of spring training they basically might as well just given you the trophy and not even worried about playing the season and we didn't even make the playoffs. So, I mean it's an expectation, it's something that's put upon you and you try to make the best of it the best way you can. There's nothing really you can do with it. We still have to go out and execute and play good baseball and we got a good team across the way that has done that for a long time. So, we definitely know there's a challenge, and I think the biggest thing is just not really paying attention to it, just worrying about us, worrying about the moment now and who cares about if we're the favorite or not. Now we're back to 0-0. It doesn't matter any more. Now we have to worry about the San Francisco Giants and having a good game plan against those guys.

Q. How comfortable is it for you, you've been through this rodeo before but going out for a big game for you for Chicago, knowing that you got Rossy back there catching, you guys have been through the wars before, done this dance many times?
JON LESTER: Yeah, obviously it adds a comfort level. We have been down this road together a couple times, so we know that one another aren't really going to get overly excited or not be prepared. So I think that's the biggest thing is I know what Rossy is bringing in tomorrow, he knows what I'm going to bring and I think we have a way of communicating to where we can talk each other off a ledge if we need to or pump each other up if we need to. So, it's a good working relationship. And like I said before, he knows how to push my buttons and I know ow to push his and we try to get the best out of each other. So we'll try to ride that wave again tomorrow.

Q. David Ross told us in the clubhouse that it doesn't make a difference if it's spring training or a game tomorrow night, you approach the game the same way. But knowing what's at stake does it have any different feeling when you take the mound tomorrow night?
JON LESTER: Absolutely. I would be lying to you if it didn't. We all know what time of year this is and what we're playing for. So, the preparation and the mindset remain the same, but when you're out there, you know what you're playing for. You know this could be my last start tomorrow of the year. So, I think we all know that and I think the biggest thing is just being able to harness that, not run from that and I think where a lot of people get themselves in trouble, and I don't like to use the word scared, but that's kind of -- you pitch timid as opposed to just going out and attacking hitters and being the fastball down and away in May works just the same as it does in October. But if you throw that fastball down and away timid it's not going to work too well. So you have to take the same mindset, the same preparation, that's why I said before I run to my routine, I run to that. That's kind of my fallback. I know that's kind of the consistent thing in my life as far as the baseball life. So, I know what to do and I know if I'm prepared and I'm ready to go come 8 o'clock tomorrow let's get it on and see what happens.

Q. Do you guys attack differently in the post-season? In other words, do you go by what you and David do well more in the post-season than you would do in the regular season or are there guys that you would pitch differently to or pitch around in post-season?
JON LESTER: I think it all depends on the team, the player. Where we're at. All that stuff. I think that you come out early you try to establish what you're going to do and I think you can't run from what's gotten you to this point. We all have scouting reports, we all have information, but at the same time you pitch a certain way and that's what makes you successful. So, I think you start there and then you make adjustments and then within that series you need to make adjustments based off of players, how they're swinging the bat, lineups, so forth and so on. So, I think when you get in the game and you get your feet under you and you can get going you start figuring out who is swinging the bat well, who is seeing the ball well off me right now, what the situation in the game dictates as far as pitching to guys, and that's when you make your adjustments and you just have to get into the game and figure that out. But we'll have a game plan going in. And we played these guys not too long ago, so we'll go back and look at that. And I have strengths that have gotten to me to this point in my career that I rely upon and we'll probably start there and make adjustments.

Q. From what this team learned a year ago with the Cardinal series, just the first game in a five-game series, how important is it to setting the tone do you think?
JON LESTER: I think obviously the first game is important, but I think in a short series every game is magnified just because you don't have those two extra games. The Wild Card game could end up helping us, it could end up hurting us, we don't know. I think it helped us last year get into that Cardinal series with a little bit of momentum. But Lack, Lack threw the ball extremely well that first game and kind of shut that momentum down for us and then we got some back. So, I think that it just depends on your team. I think if you allow the first game, if it doesn't go well, to get you down to where you're done like okay, we don't really care we didn't win that game, then you shouldn't be in that position anyway. I think our team's done a good job of when we do lose games we come back the next day fired up ready to go and almost give a better effort.

So, obviously we all want to get off to a good start tomorrow and we want to be on the winner's side of tomorrow and put us in a good position for Game 2. But if that doesn't happen, I have nothing but the utmost confidence in our guys that we're going to come back in Game 2 and be ready to go and play hard and give their guys some trouble on the mound with our hitters.