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Oct. 7 Doug Fister pregame interview

Q. Hi, Doug.


Q. Hi, Doug.


Q. On a day when you're not pitching and you're watching the game, is it hard to watch because you have no control over it? What goes through your mind when you're watching?

DOUG FISTER: No, it's not hard to watch. For us as pitching staff, especially as starters, we sit in the dugout and really help each other. It goes unsaid, but we're all working together and pulling in the same direction and trying to stay on the same page with one another.

It's kind of a game that we play, trying to stay on the same page as the starter for that day. Would we throw the same pitch they just threw and helping each other read hitters or whatever we can do to help that day is what we can do.

Q. Doug, talk about Game 4, when you were named the Game 4 starter, you didn't know at the time, but tomorrow you're either going to be pitching for your lives and going back to Oakland or pitching for a spot on the ALCS. Talk about preparing for those.

DOUG FISTER: It's one of those things that I'm honored to be able to pitch, period. When your name is called, you're ready to go. And that's kinda the way things have been and that's my mindset tomorrow. It's not going to change anything. It's the same as any other start that we have made all year.

Today is today. Tomorrow we just gotta go out there and play like we would, always.

Q. Doug, we probably have asked you this before, but as a Northern California guy, you probably saw your first Major League game in the Bay Area. Can you tell us about that?

DOUG FISTER: I did. I grew up in that area and watched some Giants games and some A's games, and it's something special going back there and especially playing in a playoff game.

I get a lot of family and friends coming to the games and everybody at home is watchin' and it's a familiar area, familiar grounds for me to play against those colors. So it's a little extra special at times, especially in the playoffs.

Q. Do you have a particular memory of your first game?

DOUG FISTER: Not anything specific. It's just one of those things when I did go, I would always tell my folks that I always wanted to play there.

I would always make that my goal, whether it was to finally get there through college and through the minor leagues, but I always wanted to be able to play in those stadiums growing up. Even driving by it was, Hey, someday that would be cool to be able to play in. That was always a goal.

Q. How much do you take out of what the A's were able to do or the approach they showed against you here in August? I know it was not as long of an outing as you wanted and it was a high hit total. Was there anything specifically you took out of the approach they took that you look at going into this start or is it a completely different scenario and it's hard to translate over?

DOUG FISTER: I try and take goods and bads out of every start. That was a while ago, and I was struggling about that time, trying to keep the ball down and really trying to fine tune some of my pitches.

They know what we do, we know what they do, and it's a matter of going out there and executing. I think that's the biggest thing for us these next couple of days is go out there and execute, get the job done, make sure you've done your homework, preparation, and that you're ready for that game.


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